North Carolina Hospital Cited

More bad news for North Carolina’s beleaguered mental health system. The Cherry Hospital in Goldsboro North Carolina was cited for endangering its patients.

An article, Cherry Hospital faces a new citation, in the Raleigh News Observer covered the story.

The “immediate jeopardy” finding against Cherry Hospital was issued after a surprise inspection this week and could imperil the facility’s ability to receive federal Medicaid and Medicare funds.

I feel certain that there are hospitals in other states that would benefit from a ‘surprise inspection’ every now and then. With Cherry Hospital’s recent history of incidents though, this ‘surprise inspection’ shouldn’t have been such a ‘surprise’.

The latest violation comes after a series of abuse and neglect cases at Cherry. In 2008, federal regulators pulled the hospital’s funding after the death of patient Steven Sabock, who choked on his medication, hit his head and was left sitting in a chair for 22 hours while staff members danced and played cards nearby. Sabock, 50, died of heart problems after going without food, water or medical attention for about a day.

After the death, the hospital’s director resigned and the state hired consultants to retrain the staff. Federal funding was restored last year.

The state brings in consultants to retrain the staff, and employees still don’t get it. Makes you wonder what went wrong there, doesn’t it?

North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue has proposed $500,000 spending on the training of employees in its state hospital system in her new budget.

2 Responses

  1. …and employees still don’t get it. Makes you wonder what went wrong there, doesn’t it?

    Um, no, it doesn’t make me wonder what went on here. It’s the typical attitude of people who say they have our best interests at heart and who feel they are above reproach of the law. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    • A sad but true comment you make there. Throw away people get throw away treatment. This is why safe, humane, and compassionate alternatives need to be offered to what the state provides.

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