Missouri A Leader In Drugging Its Children

Over Diagnosing Over Prescribing Disorder is apparently a common disorder among physicians in the state of Missouri. Channel 4 Fox News recently covered the subject with a news story, Are We Over-Medicating Our Kids?

The state says more than 350 kids are on at least two drugs in the class of anti-psychotics. One hundred eighty-nine kids under age four are on at least one. And nearly a thousand kids are on five or more medicines for mental illness. In addition to anti-psychotics, that includes anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and ADHD drugs and sleep medicines.

Let’s look at those numbers a little closer.

350 children on 2 or more neuroleptic drugs
189 children under 4 on 1 or more neuroleptic drugs
1,000 children on 5 or more psychiatric drugs.

Given those statistics, yes, indeed, Missouri is over-medicating its kids! In fact a report is coming out showing that Missouri has more outbreaks of this disorder than other states.

A soon-to-be released report finds that out of 17 states, Missouri has the highest rate of prescribing anti-psychotics for kids on Medicaid. The rate is more than double the average. Dr. [Joe] Parks says large class sizes at school could be one factor.

“The rate is more than double the average.” Did you get that!?

Mental health authorities say these drugs should only be used as ‘a last resort’. Coming up number 1 out of 17 states is not using these drugs as ‘a last resort’.

These drugs are known to cause metabolic changes that contribute to the average age at death for people in mental health treatment being 25 years younger than the general population.

He says the anti-psychotics don’t have much research to back up their use in kids. Among the possible side effects are weight gain and diabetes. And little is known about the long-term effects on the developing brain.

Actually we do have a little knowledge about the long-term effects of these drugs on the brain. We should, we have been feeding them to people for over 50 years now. They cause a neurological brain disease and movement disorder known as Tardive Dyskinesia. What are we saying? Don’t get alarmed, but some parents in Missouri, under the guidance of demented psychiatrists, are giving their kids a head start to a debilitating movement disorder and an early grave.

Great going, Missouri!