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Stuck in a box

Here comes another off the wall study, one this time that would connect schizophrenia to creativity. Knowing how results are so often skewed in studies of this sort, due to a dismissal of factors involved, such as the effects of psychiatric drugs on the brains of the patients being studied, I’m not blown away by this one at all. The article was Mental illness, creativity link discovered. I loved the following quote though.

“Thinking outside the box might be facilitated by having a somewhat less intact box,” Live Science quoted study researcher Fredrik Ullen, of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, as saying.

“Not thinking outside the box might be facilitated by having a somewhat less intact brain,” was my immediate response to the suggestion.

Now it’s produced a vision for me of all these studious psychiatry researchers with less than intact brains. All their studies are being directed towards having their thoughts fit little boxes. I’m further envisioning a beatnik of old, and he’s drawing with his finger a square in the air.

Breasts, hills, buttocks, buttresses, arches, domes, pulse, and eddy; well, you get the picture, don’t you? If so, maybe it’s a little early to get yourself measured for a coffin.

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  1. This is part of the sleight of hand, propaganda, half assed apologetic, combat the stigma, we know better, we care for you… trash that those with the power to assault people without substantive due process dole out. Unfortunately relatives and friends and often the diagnosees themselves buy into and promote this garbage and in doing so give their assaulters PERMISSION. And so it goes on.

    These so called researchers come up with discoveries that people who feel good are more likely to succeed. Or that if a person feels fat and ugly they are less likely to win a triathalon. Sheesh. Any claims they make with regard to neurotransmitters and receptors are bullshit. No one yet has demonstrated anything of the kind either in or out of vivo. There is no way that the brain of someone who wants to kill a person need be any different than that of a person who wants to kill a mosquito. We could not have evolved the ability to kill a mosquito without also having the ability to kill a man. This is apparently what the people that the psychiatrists pander to are so afraid of.

    I wish I had a dollar for every time I have observed, as either a patient or a nurse, a huddle of patients equating madness with genius. I’d have $31 !.

    To attempt to use two dubious metaphors (albeit condensed into single words) and put those into any kind of formula for the purpose of demonstrating that there might some kind of utilitarian outcome, and pretending that there is anything scientific about this, is ridiculous.

    And this buzzword “creativity” is just promulgated so as to incite. The PR machine is exhorting people to “be creative” so that the employers of the PR machine can TAKE what they want and easily DESTROY the sources of what they don’t want. Because people in their exuberance are identifying themselves.

    If you are “creative” and have talents that DON’T suit their agenda you are probably better off dead (due to the absolute fact that that they can ruin you if they can). If you feel otherwise they will do their best to subvert anything you say in your defense.

    • No doubt. This is “the selling of mental illness”. Biological psychiatry has had its moments of crisis, but if it takes lies to save face, then the lies come fast and furious. Now you’ve got people repeating the same lies with so much frequency, they are assuming other people will abandon their critical reasoning, and take what they say for gospel. These are “the mental health profession’s” puppets. They are justifying the medical model, and giving the lie to recovery. One of the ways people don’t recover from a “serious mental illness” cough cough is by making no effort to recover. When you encourage that sort of thing, the “mental illness” rate does just what it’s doing now, it goes up.

      There are some really creative people who have met with challenges and crises in life. I’m not going to dispute that. I don’t think creativity is likely to be a byproduct
      of any ‘chemical imbalance’. Unspecial people work regular 9 to 5’s that are killing them, and they have to live with the consequence of that state of affairs. The process of making art may be “elevated” and mystified, but essientially it’s just a job, too. The fact is that many of these psychiatric drugs, neuroleptics in particular, have a negative effect on creativity. If they don’t kill you outright, they can easily kill the artist in you. They can kill your spirit.

      The big secret out there is that these drugs don’t even work as well as non-drug approaches. The long term outcomes for people on psychiatric drugs, and this is all psychiatric drugs, is dismal. People do better in the long term off the psychiatric drugs than they do on them. When people are given psychiatric drugs, they develop a dependence on them, and once those drugs are withdrawn, whatever problems they were dealing with return in mega fashion. Nature provides the best path. Duh. Nature is not doping yourself to a zombified state on chemical compounds that damage your brain. Nature is relying on the chemistry you were born with, and nope, that’s not a disease.

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