Rally For Children’s Rights Held In St. Petersburg…Russia

Apparently foster children in the USA are not the only throw away children in the world suffering from the abuse of psychiatric over diagnosis of disease, and the over prescribing of dangerous brain injuring drugs. Orphans in Russia are also targeted by psychiatrists, according to a story from Radio Free Europe, St. Petersburg Activists Rally For Children’s Rights.

Dozens of human rights activists in the Russian city of St. Petersburg have held a public gathering in defense of children’s rights, RFE/RL’s Russian Service reports.

A local St. Petersburg non-governmental organization, the Civil Committee for Human Rights, organized the recent action that took place on International Children’s Day, June 1st of this year.

The organization’s leader, Roman Chorny, told RFE/RL that the major issue raised today was safeguarding children from what he called “improper and baseless psychiatric diagnoses.”

According to Chorny, the underage patients most vulnerable to such misdiagnosis are orphans. “Very often children in orphanages are ‘punished’ for their misbehavior by injections of psychotropic drugs with side effects,” he said.

Sound familiar? It should. Even if the US reports of abuse of foster children and other children in poverty are not so forthright as to call their mistreatment punishment, the same sort of measures are being applied to children in this country, probably to a much greater extent than they are being used on orphans in Russia.

The problem we have, and one that was alluded to in the Radio Free Europe story, is that a career of permanent disability in the respective mental health/illness systems is all too often a common likely result of such early ’interventions’.

Ironic, isn’t it? Radio Free Europe can manage to report on something taking place in Russia that the mainstream media wouldn’t touch in this country, not in a substantial way, even though it is taking place here to a greater degree than it is taking place there.

Maybe it’s high time a few more of us took to the streets to protest the dwindling rights of children (and parents) in the USA and Western Europe as well.