Administrative Changes Come to Central Louisiana State Hospital in Pineville

Remember Central Louisiana State, I posted a blog entry about the place awhile ago, 3 dead in Pineville Louisiana. Following investigations into this incident, the administrator and the associate administrator of the hospital are out of a job according to a story in, ‘Basic policies not followed’ at hospital in Pineville; 2 top officials out after food poisoning kills 3 patients.

The culprit in this food poisoning incident has been identified as clostridium perfringens, #3 in the Food Poisoning Department.

The deadly outbreak over the first weekend in May also sickened 42 other patients and 12 staff members. The cause of the outbreak was traced to improperly stored chicken salad served at the facility that was infected with the third most common form of food poisoning — clostridium perfringens. The investigations found serious deficiencies in dietary services and concerns with the overall operation of the hospital, according to the release.

According to the article, investigations conducted by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals found the hospital had what were termed “unacceptable process and management issues”.

The hospital itself will soon be under new management.

Patrick Kelly, the hospital’s administrator, resigned earlier this week, DHH reported, and the associate administrator, Paul Benoit, retired Wednesday.

Ken Portal, a current member of the administrative state of Southeastern Louisiana State Hospital, has been named interim administrator at Central Louisiana State Hospital.

“The staff at CLSH was cooperative, and I’m grateful for that. But I have seen enough evidence of unacceptable performance that I am convinced major changes are necessary. Basic policies were not followed. Staff was not properly educated. The findings across the board raise real concerns related to overall management that go beyond the food service area.”

So says Alan Levine, Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary.

The hospital’s kitchen is closed, and the patients are being fed curtesy of Pinecrest Supports and Services, also located in Pineville. Let’s hope their menu is a little more palatable, in more ways than one, than general state hospital fare.

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  1. I was a patient at Central 25 years ago.If it’s still the way it was 25 years ago,it should
    be closed down.

    • I was a psychiatric inmate in a Louisiana State Hospital about 25 years ago, too. Possibly Eastern, probably Central, I have to get my facts straight about this matter yet. Our paths could have crossed. I agree with you that it should be closed down.

  2. I was apatient in clsh in 94 to 95 , again in 97 i think. Well my stay there made me learn the workings of the mind and emotional triumph. Some of my best and worst days spent there. Is dr. Z still there? I wonder whatever became of the patients and staff i knew? Also if some of my art is still lingering there. This place will always remaind with me in heart and mind. If you knew me then , youd know i held somewhat of a supremacy there . Ps the food really sucked sorry for those unfortunate ones

    • I was a patient at one of the state hospitals in Louisiana, too, in the ’80s I think. I’m not exactly sure at this point which one it was. I was going to call it the worst hospital experience I’d ever had, but then I got committed again in Virginia. Virginia had gone through a process of deinstitutionalization. This meant that rather than 2,000+ patients in the hospital, there were around 250. This didn’t mean better care. Many of us were stuck 24/7 on a locked unit. This meant the dumbest of routines and, what’s more, it was painfully boring. Ultimately the feds were called in, and changes were mandated. Oh, and the food sucked there, too. I hear it still sucks. I was discharged in ’97, and I haven’t been back in, as a patient, since. I have returned on occasion as an advocate, and to visit inmates.

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