Texting the disorder

As if things weren’t bad enough for young people already, what with video game addictions, internet addictions, ADHD, perverts and creeps, now serious disorders are being associated with texting. So says a story in the Australian Sun Times, Texting causes physical and mental disorders in teenagers—study.

Anxiety, insecurity, depression and low self-esteem have all been identified by researchers as symptoms common among text-addicted teenagers.

Note: these are also symptoms commonly associated with that period of development known as adolescence but teenagers, of course, should be oblivious to such matters.

A technology researcher has discovered a number of disorders linked to texting. Yep, you heard right, a technology researcher.

Dr [Jennie] Carroll said her study into the effects of modern communication had found four distinct disorders – textaphrenia, textiety, post-traumatic text disorder and binge texting.

She also mentions related developments from Japan.

“There were reports from Japan of ‘repetitive thumb syndrome’ and of young people’s thumbs growing in response to too much texting, leading to ‘monster thumbs’.”

The generational divide may not be growing, but it kind of looks that way with every generation, doesn’t it?

One little matter, where’s hyper sexting disorder!? In some projected future edition of a Diagnostic and Statistical Texting Manual or DSTM!?

The assumption here seems to be that we’re dealing with mainly good little teenagers as the subject of sexting never comes up once during the course of the entire article. Praise the lord! Mom and Dad must have downloaded Cyber Nanny. The kids will have to do what they are probably doing anyway, as the need arises, and resorting to computers outside of the home.

Yep, sometimes life is just a matter of slipping out from under the noses of Mom and Dad. If teenagers can’t manage that, I feel certain an accommodating therapist can be found.