Rules For Surviving The Mental Health/Illness System

Everybody who has experienced the mental health/illness system from the inside doesn’t have to live their lives according to a script ghost written by NAMI, bio-medical model psychiatry, and pharmaceutical salesmen in cahoots. There is much room available today for anyone refusing to be a toady for the illness industry to have a viable place in the world.

Rule number 1. You don’t have to identify yourself with mental illness.

Nerves are nerves; you learn to deal with them. Social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, etc., the minor disorder labels of this sort used to be called neurosis. Most kids are neurotic, it’s called childhood. Taking drugs for nerves is like drinking whiskey to be social. It might help in the short term, but it’s going to mean a real disaster in the long term. We don’t encourage kids to drink, in fact, it’s illegal. Adults with nerves need to lay off the pills if they don’t want to become more nervous.

Major mental illnesses are like minor mental illnesses under a magnifying glass, only if you looked there’d be nothing to see. It just means this person has a bigger problem than a person who has a smaller problem. Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression are the clinical names for these disorders. They also go by other names such as chimera, griffon, and phoenix. There isn’t much people can do about them except wait for the smoke to clear.

Rule number 2. Escaping from a mental health facility is not as sick as voluntarily admitting oneself into a mental health facility.

Things like mental health treatment should be finite, i.e. they should have a beginning, middle, and an end. The most important aspect of such treatment is the end, not the beginning. When treatment is without end you have what they call a chronic mental patient (or chronic mental health consumer if you prefer). Many doctors, many staff members, and many patients do not understand this very basic fact regarding treatment.

Rule number 3. Poison is not medicine. Don’t take it.

This is where the current mental health treatment paradigm is most messed up. The so called medications most commonly used in the treatment of serious hang ups are not medicinal in the slightest, they are poisonous drugs. Studies have shown mental patients dying on average 25 years younger than the rest of the population due to the use of these poisons. Slow acting poison is still poison. Alright, that’s the body, and it mostly concerns atypical neuroleptic drug use. The original neuroleptic drugs don’t kill the body as fast perhaps, but they certainly do a good job on the brain. Brain shrinkage doesn’t help anyone perform at an optimal level. Brain damage is not the best goal in life to have, miracle cure or no miracle cure.

Rule number 4. Play the game.

This is another version of When In Rome. Psychiatrists and mental health workers are all about torture, only they call it treatment. These guys and gals are idiots, sure, and they are talking a lot of stupid nonsense, right, but they have all the power while you have none. If you want assert your independence in a big way, they will burn you for it. Reason doesn’t go over big with them, only idiocy. You don’t want to disagree with them, even if you disagree with them. They can make life tough for you. Your objective should be discharge from the hospital, and it’s their game, not your game. You must play by their rules. When you are released into your own space you can go crazy as you please. (In a fine and secluded place, well beyond public scrutiny, of course.) There are people who didn’t learn this rule many years ago, when they were first admitted to the hospital, the hospital they haven’t exited yet.