The Real Debate Is Raging In The Peanut Gallery

Sometimes comments can be more informative than the articles producing such responses. Take, for instance, the comments on this article on the controversy concerning a few of the more dubious diagnoses projected for the upcoming (2013) DSM-V, Mental health experts ask: Will anyone be normal?

The first comment, from itzajob, goes straight to the point.

More diagnoses equals more customers, er, patients

Mental health treatment is a business. The primary mental health treatment utilized today is drug maintenance. The mental health treatment business then is connected to the drug manufacturing business. Both of these businesses require more and more patient consumers for employment, profit, and prestige, not to mention, growth. Were the pool of potential patients to dwindle (something it is in no danger of doing at present), these businesses would lose in employment, profit, and prestige.

Mental health goals as a business run counter to the more health conscious and fiscially sound goals of preventing psychiatric disability and recovering people from psychiatric disability.

I am a college student. I have just finished my 3rd psychiatry course. This is NO JOKE! My last instructor is a Dr. She Warned the class that because of the insurance, she has to assign a mental disorder to everybody she treats; other-wise the insurance will not pay her for the therapy session.

Thus begins the comment offered by Busterboy.

I spoke too soon apparently. We’re talking mental health treatment business, drug manufacturing business, and health insurance company business. If you think these companies are interested in maintaining a person’s well being, I think you need to delve much deeper into the facts of the matter. These companies profit on “sickness”, and therefore, complete recovery for patients on a large scale would spell financial ruin for them.

Most people just need to grow up. Everybody wants to have an excuse these days. Our society is a lame one. Most ‘mentally’ ill people I’ve met or dealt with are just insecure people who need reassurance and a pat on the back. Try to figure out who you are and deal with it.

Habakak’s sentiments parallel my own.

scary-scary stuff.
if you ask people who have used drugs for a period of time and are still on them they will tend to say they needed them..then talk to the people who got off the drugs and they’ll advise you not to start in the first place. don’t people get sad, lonely, angry anymore? i wonder if people really achieve 24/7 happiness. drugs are dangerous and we have yet to see the LONG TERM effects

So says theonlywashup.

Right. Now that sadness, lonliness, and anger are diseases, you better watch yourself, and don’t get paranoid either.

The simple act of getting assistance to get over a rough patch in life could make one uninsurable and unemployable.

From the commentary made by CalGal this nugget comes.

You get the picture, but that’s Okay. The psychiatric disability field is growing by leaps and bounds. Now if only our government can manage to buy out a few more of these “psychiatrically disabled” people to speak for all those other psychiatrically disabled peoples out there, real improvements are being made, are they not!?