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Trashing The Panacea of Contemporary Psychiatry

I’ve noticed a number of articles of late delving into the possibility of utilizing different drugs than those that are currently approved by the FDA for dealing with “psychiatric disorders”. One article proposes an anti-abortion drug for depression, another proposes psychedelic drugs for “psychiatric disorders” in general, and yet another suggests the rave drug, ketamine, be used in treating bipolar disorder.

I have always had a problem with the wonder drug search formula for solving social ills. All the talk in the world about “mental illness” being like a physical illness is not going to make “mental illness” a physical illness. We have a problem with our semantic construction, for starters, in that the brain, a physical organ, is not the mind, the actions performed by that organ. The “sick” thinking of the organ of thought then doesn’t necessarily indicate a sick organ of thought; if it did, we would have a physical disorder.

Drugs taken for “psychiatric disorders” make people physically sick. The older psychiatric drugs used in the treatment of “mental illness” cause a neurological disorder. The newer psychiatric drugs, not only cause this neurological disorder, but these drugs also produce a metabolic syndrome associated with a large number of potentially deadly life threatening ill health conditions. These health conditions are thought to be largely responsible for the lifespan of people in mental health treatment being 10-25 years shorter than that of the rest of the population.

If, as statistics show, the search for a drug patients will take, has resulted in drugs the patient will take that kill the patient, maybe its time to take a different approach to the matter. I really don’t think that any of these other drugs being proposed are likely to improve the physical health of the patient, and I think that is one thing we need to be looking at seriously.

When exercise has been shown to have tremendous merits as a treatment for depression, in one study I have heard about beating out both drugs with exercise and drugs alone, I think it would be a good idea to put more emphasis on physical health, and then we could see whether or not a better mental health might develop there from.