Brushing Off Unhealthy Treatments

“Recovery begins with noncompliance.” This statement has been attributed to the Bath Mad Hatters. I bring this up because I’ve said something similar on occasion, and because I think it’s true. If your one aim in life is to be a model mental patient then you’re on the wrong life track, my friend.

Don’t take what I just said too literally. Some people are absolutely obsessed with the idea of being wrong, even when they’re right. Left handedness is much to be preferred over wrongness. Wrongness is usually only mistaken rightness anyway. The problem is when somebody says, “You’re wrong”, and you respond, “You’re right”. Such a response is indicative of a severe discrepancy in a person’s spinal column.

Don’t get me wrong. Some of my best friends have been mental patients. Some of those best friends are no longer with us. They took their doctors advice. I didn’t take my doctors advice, and I’m still around. I recognized my doctors advice for the nonsense that it was, and I said I’m not going to adhere (shrink-talk for comply) with his treatment plan (shrink-talk for drug taking regimen).

Had I done otherwise my doctor might have lead me down the primrose path that leads to an early gravestone. I’m not paranoid, no, that’s a “symptom”, and doctors are on the alert for “symptoms” at all times. I’m not paranoid, but I’m as shrewd as ever was Homer’s Ulysses because I realize that my very survival depends upon being wary. Medical doctors can be deceptive, and psychiatrists are deceptive as a rule.

Just because the doctor has a certificate hanging on his or her office wall that doesn’t mean he or she isn’t a doctor of balderdash. The theory that that sickness which exists only in the head is physical is nonsense. Doctors have not been completely successful at making the disorders that they treat a matter of the brain rather than a matter of the mind. It is in that zone of semantic, medical and philosophical failure that I move about freely and operate.

I haven’t had any major lack of self-control issues for some time. I can manage. I’m happy to turn my back on the whole mental health/illness system. I don’t want to contribute to a great and growing disastrous disability policy crisis. I would prefer to keep a crack of hope lodged in the hospital door so that maybe one or another of those people corralled into that system could make a determination that “mental illness” isn’t for them either. I’d like to see them escape back into the world of the living.