The Mental Health Treatment Business Boom

Once you invent a “disease” you don’t know how successful you might become with your new invention. Such, at any rate, seems to be the case with the totally bogus Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder designation. Government statistics now show that almost 1 in every 10 kids in this country claim to have contracted it. This is a 22% jump from 2003 when the stat was 1 in every 13 kids. National Public Radio just published a story on these survey results, ADHD On The Rise : 1 in 10 Kids Now Affected.

The biggest jumps were seen in children between 15 and 17 and among Hispanic or multiracial children. Researchers say the rise among Hispanic children may reflect better access to care, or greater cultural acceptance of the disorder.

But the disorder is still less common among Hispanics — about 6 percent — than among white or black children.

Finally, two-thirds of kids with a current diagnosis of ADHD were taking a medicine to treat it.

Expect this number to rise. On the one hand, mental health professionals are trying to conduct a business, and on the other hand, mental health professionals are trying to prevent people from avoiding that business. We call the business “mental health treatment”, and we call the avoidance of that business “stigma” directed against the receiving of such treatment.

If you want a scary thought, consider how many people claim to be depressed right about now as well. Then consider the number of those people who will receive other diagnoses due to bad reactions from the psychiatric drugs they are given. Also think about the number of these kids that are going to go from being juvenile cases into being adult cases. It’s not a pretty picture.

We are creating an epidemic in “mental illness” by selling mental health treatment. Usually this “treatment” boils down to little more than a quick chemical fix, a periodically taken pill. The idea of “stigma” is being used to sell this “treatment”. The thinking is that there are all these seriously disturbed people out there, seriously disturbed people that are not in “treatment”, and the reason that they are not in “treatment” is because of this “stigma”. The problem is that there are more people in “mental health treatment” in the USA now than ever before, and this number is growing. Harping on “stigma” has become a way of creating an epidemic, but then this epidemic means that the mental health business, and the psychiatric drug making industry behind it, are booming. I just want to point out that what is good for business might not be the best thing for people’s health

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