Why I’m Not Coo Coo For KKKapitalism

When our countries economy is recessed, I imagine bankers, business leaders, and corporate executives on vacation. I work with the homeless, and of them you might say they are experiencing an economic depression right now. If you’re old enough to remember hobo jungles, you must be almost old enough to kick the bucket. Now, in our new improved economy, we’ve got tent cities of the homeless. That’s a big improvement, huh? The flaws in the mechanisms of the economy that brought about the great depression have been corrected, and so now we have got the not-so-great recessions. Recessions are essentially depressions by another name. Just think of it as the wealthy on holiday.

The work-a-day world has become a non-work-a-day world for a lot of folk. America is quickly losing its work ethic. When you’ve got 5 people for every 1 decent job, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. The republicans want tax breaks for the rich while the democrats are talking tax breaks for the middle classes. These taxes pay for the poor, who have no money, and politicians, who supposedly represent the rich, the middle class, and the poor. Oops, excuse me, the majority of the voters. These politicians represent the majority, theoretically anyway. When you’ve got 3 or more candidates running, there are going to be a lot of compromises, and that means, it gets complicated. Complicated is when this politician or that will say anything and everything to get the job. This job usually means a good supplementary income, and therefore, if it’s a recession, vacation.

Politicians bail out bankers and automobile manufacturers. Why? They’re salaries are too big too qualify them for the poorhouse, and so they must be a better breed of people. Only small business owners should qualify for bankruptcy. There is a point, after all, to gambling on the market, and the market is a gamble. You understand how a casino works, don’t you? The mass of the money coming in goes to the house. The casino then has to be taking in more than it let’s out. It’s the price of the game. We arrange the market so people with money win, and people without money lose. That’s simple enough, isn’t it? The trick is receiving the training to qualify you as a person who has money rather than as a person who is unqualified to have money. The deceit is to think this has anything to do with education, it doesn’t. It’s about money. If the educated classes are to be the moneyed classes, it’s because they have the poorer classes to take that money from. If you divide a pie six ways, and give it to six people, great. If you have a pie, and a hundred people, somebody is not going to eat pie.

Booms and busts (recessions i.e. depressions by another name) are built into our economic system. Cyclical some people like to call them, as in a bipolar economy. This is because the economy is built upon gambling. You have rich people gambling with the money of people who are not so rich. Remember the casino? “The mass of the money coming in goes to the house.” The house, in this instance, is people who are richer than the people who are less rich. The rich couldn’t keep getting richer if this wasn’t the case, and the rich, feeling so entitled as they do, must keep getting richer. This doesn’t mean that a person can’t lose riches, this just means that the system has it worked out so that the more money you have, the easier it is for you to make more money, and the harder it is for you to lose it, within limits. You could give all your money away, but for obvious reasons this is a development that seldom occurs. Life in a homeless shelter is not the most comfortable in the world.

There has been a lot of talk about putting people before profits, but it’s usually just a matter of talk. If you really want to put people before profits then you’re going to have to change the kind of economic system we have, and some people are so heavily invested in that system, particularly rich people, as to make the possibility look remote. Of course, there are scales of riches, and the less rich people have less to lose but, all in all, shit shovelers who don’t quit must love their jobs by default. I happen to think we need to change the sort of economic system we have. When you are talking about the road to ruin, it would be nice to see that road to ruin carry fewer people on it rather than more. The result of trickle down economics has been the ruin of many, and this ruin is expanding. We can continually readjust the system, and chiefly to please somebody who’s making wads of bucks every time he or she moves a pinky, as we might be forced to do, periodically, of course, or we can change that system entirely. I’m for changing the system.