Ask a stupid question

In the What-Were-They-Thinking Department I’ve come across a headline fit for Jay Leno’s late night comedy routine. What do the homeless want for Christmas? I don’t know, but I’ll take a few wild guesses. Does it have windows and a chimney?

Actually the article is about a non-profit organization, Homeless Partners, that helps the homeless people draw up wish lists for Christmas and post their requests on line. On the more down to earth, meaning tent city, side of the matter, these lists are mainly of practical matters. (As if a house wasn’t practical.) The lists contain items such as “bus passes to get to work, grocery gift cards, personal hygiene items and clothing.”

While the lists contain practical items–shoes, backpacks, coats, etc.–in some of the letters to which the lists are attached these homeless men and women also ask for prayers, prayers for a job, prayers for an end to sadness, and prayers for a return of hope.