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Franco Regime Found “Mental Illness” In Political Orientation

In Russia, it’s a “mental illness” to disagree with the government; in China, it’s a “mental illness” to practice an outlawed religion; and in the USA, it’s a “mental illness” for a child to disobey his or her parents.

The following is an interesting excerpt from an article in the LA Times on the continuing hunt for children stolen from their parents by the regime of General Franco in Spain almost 70 years ago, Spanish families renew search for stolen babies.

Military psychologist Antonio Vallejo-Nagera built the ideological framework for the practice of taking children from their parents. He saw Marxism as a form of mental illness that was polluting the Hispanic race and advocated that children of leftists be removed and re-educated, a process he termed “separating the wheat from the chaff.”

Many of the crimes commited by the Spanish dictatorship have remained largely ignored.

Returning to the USA, one wonders what new absurdity will be listed as a “mental illness” in the next edition of the DSM, the DSM-V, slated for release in 2013.

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  1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/nation/specials/immigration/cwc_d4p2.html

    I’m not so stupid that I would ever inject someone with haloperidol on the supposed pretext of helping them. I would do it because I hated them and I would be decent enough to say that that was the reason I was doing it.

    Coercive shrinks, for example, I would quite happily inject if I could get away with it.

    • Now, now, Rod. We have an expression in this country, two wrongs don’t make a right. If it’s wrong for a shrink to force drugs on a person, it’s wrong for that person to force drugs on a shrink. What we need to do is to outlaw coercive psychiatric practices, and to take some of the most damaging and destructive shrinks to task and to court. At the very least some of these doctors should have their licenses to practice medicine taken away from them so that they can harm nobody else. When somebody is held accountable, this kind of thing changes, when nobody is held accountable, somebody is getting away with murder.

      We just had a man kill and maim a number of people in the state of Arizona. Some people in this country are trying to use this crime as an excuse to broaden mental health law and to make those laws even more coercive. We don’t want to encourage people to confuse criminal activities with the symptoms of what are taken to be medical conditions. Shooting a person up with Hadol, against that person’s will and wishes, is a wrong that should be outlawed. Shrinks, just like the labeled “mentally ill”, their prisoners, are human beings, and violating their human rights wouldn’t be the right thing to do. It wouldn’t be the right thing to do, except in so far as it served as a punishment for the crimes they have commited. I personally don’t think punishment should involve doing physical harm to people, and I don’t think we should stoop to the level of badness and violense that these shrinks have.

      Thanks for the link to the Washington Post article on the forcible drugging of immigrants.

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