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Partners In Crime And Oppression

Question: When do you know you’re saying the wrong thing?

Answer: You know you must be saying the wrong thing when you’re a mental patient, and E. Fuller Torrey agrees with you.

You can get the whole thoroughly disgusting slanted story at KPHO.com, Mental Health Patient Relates To Loughner.

Does this numbskull have any idea who E. Fuller Torrey is? Just in case you were wondering, I will give you a clue. Three words, folks, the Treatment Advocacy Center. E. Fuller Torrey was a founding member of, and he directs, the Treatment Advocacy Center. The Treatment Advocacy Center advocates for what it calls Assisted Outpatient Treatment. Assisted Outpatient Treatment is a fancy and misleading way of saying Involuntary Outpatient Commitment. Involuntary Outpatient Commitment, in the vast majority of cases, means forced drugging. When E. Fuller Torrey isn’t advocating for AOT, he’s advocating for other forms of forced and restrictive “care”. He also collects and studies, through his connection with the Stanley Medical Research Center, the brains of people who have had experience in mental health treatment in the hopes of finding the source of what is referred to in shrink-speak as schizophrenia.

You can count me among those people opposed to the Treatment Advocacy Center, and the violations in human rights, and the curtailments of civil liberties, that it proposes and promotes.