Partners In Crime And Oppression

Question: When do you know you’re saying the wrong thing?

Answer: You know you must be saying the wrong thing when you’re a mental patient, and E. Fuller Torrey agrees with you.

You can get the whole thoroughly disgusting slanted story at, Mental Health Patient Relates To Loughner.

Does this numbskull have any idea who E. Fuller Torrey is? Just in case you were wondering, I will give you a clue. Three words, folks, the Treatment Advocacy Center. E. Fuller Torrey was a founding member of, and he directs, the Treatment Advocacy Center. The Treatment Advocacy Center advocates for what it calls Assisted Outpatient Treatment. Assisted Outpatient Treatment is a fancy and misleading way of saying Involuntary Outpatient Commitment. Involuntary Outpatient Commitment, in the vast majority of cases, means forced drugging. When E. Fuller Torrey isn’t advocating for AOT, he’s advocating for other forms of forced and restrictive “care”. He also collects and studies, through his connection with the Stanley Medical Research Center, the brains of people who have had experience in mental health treatment in the hopes of finding the source of what is referred to in shrink-speak as schizophrenia.

You can count me among those people opposed to the Treatment Advocacy Center, and the violations in human rights, and the curtailments of civil liberties, that it proposes and promotes.

3 Responses

  1. E. Fuller Torrey, M.D.

    Once, he was convinced there is no such thing as “mental illness”….
    Then, he tried to convince the world that it’s a cat virus.
    Then, people needed to be quarantined.

    He hasn’t a clue.
    Forced “treatment” is all he knows.
    Even if the “treatment” causes much more harm than good…
    Even if the “treatment” impedes recovery.
    Even if the “treatment” causes lifelong disability.
    Even if the “treatment” caused pre-mature death.

    E. Fuller Torrey
    Ernst Rudin, and the Reich would be proud!

    Duane Sherry, M.S.

  2. I think they were either 1) cherry picking their patient or 2) the patient is entirely a fictional composite.

    Everyone, and I don’t care who you are, at some time or another has experienced murderous rage. And if some one says he hasn’t, then he doesn’t belong in the human species.

    How a person handles that murderous rage is going to determine if he’s a murderer or not. Psychiatry and, from what I’ve seen of it, even psychotherapy, are poor in providing the skill sets necessary in handling moments in your life like these– and that’s for people WILLING to use them. To think that people can be coerced to use something so useless and everything’s going to turn out OK is laughable at best, dangerous at worst.

    • If you mean Penn, the patient consulted in the news story, I feel certain they were cherry picking their patient as you put it. You’ve just got another poster mental patient who says exactly what they want him to say. Nobody with good sense would serve as a puppet for those people who are threatening the civil liberties of everybody.

      He was talking about himself as a “success”, and contrasting himself with Mr. Loughner, whom he thought must have thought of himself as a “failure”. I was thinking that may be so, but Mr. Loughner has “succeeded” in the business of murder.

      I don’t have a good take on mental health treatment in this country. I’m thinking this Penn’s “success” probably amounts to the “success” of a career mental patient. There is more to life than bullshitting about “supports” and “support systems” while taking in government disability payments. After the fact, any multiple murderer is now a “mentally ill” person who slipped through the cracks. If these people are “successful” at getting Jared Loughner off with the insanity defense, I dread to think about the bright future that irresponsibility, and the coercion that goes along with it, are going to have.

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