Hearings on the safety of shock treatment taking place

The matter shouldn’t require a lot of thought. You don’t declare a medical device safe without testing it for safety. Any device that isn’t tested for safety couldn’t reliably be said to be safe. Having pointed out the obvious fact that a device that hasn’t been tested for safety can’t be said to be safe, why is the Food and Drug Administration holding hearings about spreading such a lie in the case of electro-shock devices? These hearing are going on today, January 27, and tomorrow, January 28.

If it weren’t for the ties FDA officials have with the makers and users of these devices I doubt these hearings would be taking place. Were the FDA independent of the psychiatric profession, the possibility of granting a safe status to an untested device just wouldn’t come up. This is a matter of upgrading a device’s status from dangerous to safe, not because it has been found to be safe, but because people want it to be declared safe based on wishful thinking. Manufacturers and their customers want these devices approved untested because they know they wouldn’t pass any such test.

Electro-shock is used to induce seizures. The theory runs that the mental state an epileptic experiences following a seizure is somehow therapeutic in the case of a person suffering from depression and some other “mental illness” labels. Epilepsy and electro-shock therapy both damage brains. Researchers are diligently seeking a cure for epilepsy for this very reason.

This information shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. When you send electricity through the central control center of the human body you can’t do so without upsetting something. This upset translates into harm, and this damage shows itself in the form of irrecoverable memory loss. Every time a person undergoes electro-shock there is some permanent memory loss. This permanent memory loss is a surefire indication that some brain damage has occurred. Brain damage is not a good cure for depression and other “mental illness” labels.

Until not too long ago there was a radical surgery technique that was supposed to correct “serious mental illness” by damaging the brain. This brain surgery was called a lobotomy. The outcomes of this brain surgery procedure were not pretty. The “treatment” provided by electro-shock therapy is very similar to that provided by a lobotomy. Had it not been for the development of psychiatric drugs, another questionable method of treatment, doctors might still be performing lobotomies. I suppose if such procedures were still in vogue the doctors who performed lobotomies would try to get the FDA to call surgically damaging the brain “safe.”

Brain damage, in most instances, is not to be desired. Brain damage, in fact, is a possibility to be dreaded and feared. Brain damage can seriously impair the functionality of the person who has had his or her brain so damaged. We see instances of this impairment in the cases of electro-shock survivors who have had to change careers because they were no longer capable of performing on the job at the same level as they once had performed. Devices that cause brain damage are not safe devices. If the FDA is going to approve any such brain damaging device, without testing it for safety first, maybe the FDA had just better change its name to MUD (Mutilating Utilities Department). The FDA’s word, if it should call these devices safe without testing them for safety, will have become totally unreliable. No device is made safe merely by calling it safe. Should the FDA do so, this will mean a long and hard fight for the people who know better.

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  1. Dr. John Breeding’s website has all the information a person needs to know about shock treatment –


    (click on ‘shock the pig’ to learn about the history of ECT)

    Duane Sherry

  2. The thinking is that people with “serious” untreated mental illness are better off dead. That way the shrinks can pretend that whatever they do they are doing no harm.

    This is the entire argument, whether it be forced detention, drugging, mutilation or ECT, as well as all the other ways they intrude uninvited and unwanted.

    They’ve convinced the public that manics will kill you, that depressives will kill themselves and that schizophrenics are enduring some kind of psychadelic hell.

    They’ve given themselves license to do anything they want with people. If I was a total bastard I’d probably envy them.

    • I’ve heard some compliant “patients” attribute psychiatric drugs with saving their lives, but I haven’t heard the argument so much that people with something called “mental illness” were better off dead since the NAZI were ousted from power in Germany. This isn’t to say that there aren’t a lot of bad feelings harbored towards people with intimate knowledge of the mental health/illness system. This prejudice shows itself in the form of forcible treatment legislation. You have to demote a person from their species before you enact this sort of legislation.

      You’d have to be quite a bastard to envy them. They think they are helping people when they are actually harming them. I don’t personally see much to envy there. Money and comfort that come of bastardry are things one might envy. I personally don’t see much point in, and I’ve never seen much good come of, mental health treatment. I feel the best place to be is about as far away from the mental health/illness system as a person can get. They wrote the text on “mental illness”, and they have the flunkies to prove it. You’ve got people that spend their whole lives studying whatever fantastic illness they’ve been credited with having come down with. All you have to do to figure out how to act is to study their textbook. Behavior that is not considered symptomatic is behavior that won’t get a person locked up. So why are people so intent on adapting themselves to this or that psychiatric label? Given a little study, and intelligence, one could very simply undiagnose oneself.

  3. It’s war, but they don’t have the guts to declare it. They pretend that they are healers acting on behalf of the good folk.

    If they come at me meaning to do me damage I will kill them if I can. They will say that I am paranoid. But they are piss poor. It’s a stand off, only because they have vehicles. equipment, guns and so forth. If I can, without too much inconvenience to myself, given that I wish to live so as to fend off these imbeciles, I will fucking kill them and if I can inflict death and mutilation on any body that these trash claim to be their family and friends I will do so. These people and all their sentiments are rubbish. These people are shit.

    These cunts already know this. They can’t touch me at the moment. I’ve called their bluff. They know that I am likely to kill one of their fucking number and they want me to do it. But I am not going to kill the person, or in the manner that they expect and are hoping for.

    • Well put, Rod. I think there is a parallel to be drawn between the psychiatric survivor ethos and the survivalist ethos. Survive, after all, is the word at the root of both terms. If self-defense requires weapons and militias, then weapons and militias it is.

      • Thanks Frank. I was a bit pissed when I made the post. But that’s me pissed and angry. It’s not a mental illness. I wanted to say that and then post to Mark below.

  4. Rod, I don`t know how serious you are.
    In my post
    at the top of the page
    I made fun of my own feelings that are very similar to your own.
    I called myself a ticking time bomb, and used the Emperor/Senator Palpatine from star wars movies to illustrate the dual personality of psychiatry.
    I came to the same conclusion, do not give them what they want, they seem to want violence.
    As I have freedom , I have the freedom to leave the immediate situation that is making me feel angry.

    • Hi Mark. This is a subject that shouldn’t make for pleasant conversation.

      On the subject of killing shrinks, trust me, I know what a tricky thing it is. The last thing you want to do is give the assholes more power. These fucking cunts hate themselves and they hate each other. These people are so narcissistic that they despise any person who innocently happens to say a nice thing about them. They know that anyone that compliments them in any way must be stupid. So they love it when one of their number is killed by a so called patient or family member of a so called patient. They know that any award or qualification that is given to them is false. These people are twisted in such a convoluted way that I’m not even sure that you and Frank know how perverse these people are. What I know for sure is that the public or the parents that drive their children to suicide are blissfully unaware.

      I’ve already typed into this box a bit and I haven’t checked the link, and I’m a bit drunk. So I’m I’m going to send this and talk to you later as well.

      I had the guts to threaten these cunts such that I could at least escape their drugs. And I did threaten to kill them, which is against the law. But I said at the time that I would kill them if they came at me with drugs with which to assault me.

      So what the cunts have done of course is wait…… and THEN….. make false charges of uttering to kill. So they don’t explain the actual circumstance, they make up another one. They very rarely report what actually happens. Thjey make somethng up.

      But they have got to be careful for their own miserable flesh. Because I am smarter than they are and I’m very fit. And I have logic on my side. They have the power to lie and inflict force but they know that I can kill them. And I have told them that it will be a horrendous experience if I do. I’ve told them that I can kill them in such a way that they lose there temporal sense before they die and will likely endure a confused desperate agony forever.

      So, to yourself and Frank, I’m not wanting to upset you guys, it’s just a very unpleasant place.

      • You’re very right in what you say about giving thought police, and the street police, more power. This is what happens every time a violent incident can be laid on a person labeled with an alleged “mental illness”. The state looks to tighten laws so they can lock up more people. People labeled with “mental illness” are targetted for harassment by the law. There have been incidents of patients killing psychiatrists. I looked up one from a few years ago. Psychiatric News covered the incident with a story, Patient Charged With Murder Of Schizophrenia Expert. If you will notice, the then executive director of the Treatment Advocacy Center, Mary Zdanowicz, our big lobbiest for curtailing human rights and civil liberties, has her say on the matter. Well, after the Virginia Tech shooting and the Tucson shooting the TAC has become more organized and more effective at using these incidents to their advantage. I would say, as in the case of that army shrink who went on a shooting spree not long ago, we could get more done in the rights department by having psychiatrists shoot at us than we could ever manage by shooting at them. The TAC is learning all the time, and we have to learn with them. People use the examples of acts of violence to enact repressive legislation. Mental health profiling is becoming an issue that we are going to have to fight on the legislative front. If we don’t, the only voice up there will be that of the TAC and their ilk.

        It’s all fine and dandy to die in a blaze of glory shooting it out with the police, but what comes out of such battlefield scenarios is more repressive and prejudicial (i.e. unconstitutional) legislation enacted to protect the presumably undiagnosed Joe Public. I tend to think that there are better ways to deal with these matters than through ending your life commiting suicide by cop, or wasting the remainder of your days in a supermax prison (if not, scary as it is, a forensic psychiatric hospital unit). My way would be by marching, linking hands, and singing, “We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome…someday.” Deep in my heart, as the song goes, I believe that, “We shall overcome.” Not to seem too morally priggish, it is important that the bad guys be seen as the bad guys in this thing. I think when we represent hope and a positive change, we represent things that people can find some comfort in, and that they can support.

  5. There’s a fucking cunt called Patrick Daniels, cause that’s the name that his cunt parents gave him. His parents must have been fucking cunts because they let him live. Decent people would have put a contract out on this little cunt.

    Now he is fucking cunt. He’s a guy who just made it though medicine but by way of HIV “medicine” which is also of course rubbish. But it further enabled him to to become a total cunt in psychiatry. But not a big wig. Just a little wicky dicky fucking punce.

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