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High school dance moves upset thought police

Just wait until you get a load of this one! Fox 6 Now news out of Waunakee Wisconsin reports, ‘We get crazy’ high school dance routine upsets mental health advocates.

Waunakee’s High School’s varsity dance team had costumes that resembled straitjackets with the words “Psych Ward.” The dancers messed their hair, put on black eye makeup and snarled through their routine. It was too much for advocates for the mentally ill. Wisconsin Family Ties executive director Hugh Davis says the routine evokes painful memories for some.

Yeah, and for some folks presently on psych wards we’re talking more than merely bad memories here. (Maybe if we sweep them onto forgotten backwards, nobody will notice.)

The team’s coach, Erin Cotter, says she’s taken back by the reaction to the hip-hop routine. Cotter says the intent was to get fans energized; it wasn’t about mental illness.

What’s wrong with you, guys!? Don’t you have any team teen spirit!?

I say at least it isn’t a “We get ‘mentally ill’” dance routine. There isn’t the stigma attached to craziness that there is attached to the “mental illness” label. Crazy, after all, isn’t necessarily medical model whereas “mental illness” is so by definition.

You go, team, and the crazier you get the better. The more you humiliate the intolerant thought goons and their zombified dupes, the more you will inspire your fellow school mates it is hoped. Onward and upward, from victory to victory, show us a little of more of your high school Mad Pride!