Many states slow to hand over confidential information

Although there is a law requiring information on people who have been through the mental health/illness system be stored in a national data base so that their second amendment rights to bear arms may be violated and denied, more than half the states in the union, according to an NPR story, AP Finds Few States Follow Mental Health Gun Law, have been non-compliant at supplying names to this data base.

Kudos go to those 9 states that haven’t as of yet ratted out any of their residents. When you read the following imagine the national anthem playing full blast amid thunderous applause.

The states that have failed to submit any mental health records are: Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South Dakota.

Our thumbs up must go to those states who have submitted very few records as well. Given time maybe they, too, will learn to seal their lips. Uh, I mean keep their top secret file cabinets locked.

Seventeen states submitted very few records: Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Vermont, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

This situation may change a little in the future as legislators in the state of Kentucky just voted to comply with this unjust and unconstitutional piece of legislation.

Subtracting these states from the rest of the states we get the names of those states that deserve a good finger wagging. We must ask officials within them, “Seriously, whatever happened to the notion of liberty within the border’s of your state?” When you see the names of these states imagine thrown fruit and raucous boos.

The 24 states that are free and easy with confidential records are: Virginia, California, North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, New York, Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Washington, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Nevada, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, Kansas, Alabama, Colorado, Iowa, Utah, and West Virginia.

People within these states must learn that there is indeed a “stigma” attached to receiving mental health treatment for their residents. This “stigma” is stored in Washington, DC.

This NPR story in fact gives us a few details about some of the most offensive of such states saying that 11 states have provided more than 1,000 records each to the data base. New York and Virginia are mentioned as being among the biggest offenders by having submitted more than 100,000 names each to the data base while California was said to have supplied a whopping more than 250,000 names.

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