Psychotic Medications

I remember a psychiatric inmate, patient doesn’t begin to describe her situation, confined at Western State Hospital near Staunton Virginia who telephoned me about the effects of the psychiatric drugs she was being fed. She called them psychotic medications.

Now I’ve found a tweet that describes them in the same fashion. The tweet is found in the Jacksonville Times-Union, in a section called Florida morning blog, under the heading, Powerful Republican state Senator appears headed for showdown with Rick Scott. It is my contention that Senator Greg Evers, on this point, was more correct than the psychiatrist.

TWEET OF THE DAY – Sen. Evers to psychiatrist: “Do you prescribe psychotic medication.” Response: “No sir. I prescribe antipsychotic medication.” – @bsfarrington

Shrinks would try to give the impression that they have some kind of wonder cure here when they don’t have any such cure. There is no wonder cure in “medication maintenance”, as it is called, or giving lifetime prescriptions to these absolutely debilitating drugs.

The recent publication of study results from the University of Iowa Carver School of Medicine showing that long term treatment by neuroleptic drugs is the culprit in brain shrinkage rather than any “mental disorder” is a case in point.

If you you think these drugs are really “anti-psychotic”, I suggest you look again, and this time explore such subjects as Tardive Dysphrenia and Tardive Dementia.

For psychosis, there are other and more effective methods of treatment. Due to the damage that always accompanies long term neuroleptic, often catalogued under the misnomer “antipsychotic”, drug usage, I would suggest giving some of those other methods a good hearing.

The medication query was probably only a slip of tongue on Senator Evers part. Senator Evers is one of the sponsors of a bill that would allow the carrying of concealed weapons on Florida college campuses. Passage of such legislation is not a good idea at all. Although there is a possibility that such actions could have lessened the kind of carnage we saw at V-Tech in ’07, it would certainly mean more gunplay on campus. I don’t think most Florida residents want to see a gunfight on the University grounds anytime soon.