Brits Study Potential To Scan For Mood Swings

How does a psychiatrist determine whether a person has a “mood disorder” or not? Why, by talking to him or her, of course. There is no litmus test to determine the matter here. No one can prick you with a needle, and have the prick mark change color, as in a TB test, and then say for certain, “You are bipolar off your rocker.”

Why am I not at all surprised that this is the case?…

There is an article in the Liverpool Leader, Bipolar breakthrough at Liverpool Hospital, about an attempt to develop just such a test.

RESEARCHERS at Liverpool Hospital may be on the threshold of developing the world’s first diagnostic test for bipolar disorder.

Careful! The key words here are may be, and that makes the hidden key words may be not.

People who are first “misdiagnosed” depressed often wind up being diagnosed with what used to be called manic depressive disorder, and what is now termed bipolar disorder. This article doesn’t touch on another subject regarding the matter. This is the knowledge that the antidepressant drugs given to some people for their depressive symptoms actually trigger mania in a certain percentage of cases.

“The gold standard of diagnosis at the moment is a psychiatric interview.” [Says study co-supervisor Peter Ward]

These researchers are hoping a brain scan will reveal the difference between being down in the dumps and taking the bipolar rollercoaster.

The test, a non-invasive brain scan, records electrical activity in the brain while patients perform certain tasks indicative of the disorders.

Remember…may be, may be not.

Another way, equally legitimate, to determine whether or not a person has bipolar disorder is to let the person draw straws, and if the person gets a short straw, viola! He or she must have bipolar disorder. This is especially true if the person receiving a short straw then throws a temper tantrum.

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  1. Articles like that are complete bollocks (I’ve gone Liverpuddlian). And they know it. But they also know that it winds up the ratchet. That there will be another 100.000 members of the public who will believe that “bipolar disorder” is a real medical condition.

    • I haven’t seen it suggested anywhere in the article, but usually the pharmaceutical industry is behind this sort of research. The reason for looking for the “disease” is to “treat” it with the pharmaceuticals you’re selling. The epidemic in disability we’re seeing around the world today is driven by the profit motive. People sell “disease” by selling the drugs used to “treat” the “disease”. No “disease”, no sale. You have to have expensive drugs, and a lot of people labeled “mentally ill”, for Big Pharma to profit in the billion dollar range the way it does. Given that this is the case, full recovery would be disastrous for business. When people don’t recover, when their mental and emotional stability is “maintained” by drugs, business is assured for the drug companies. Make no doubt about it, people who invest in pharmaceutical company stock don’t want to see their stock go down in value, and the pharmaceutical industry is a leader on Wall Street. This is a matter of people profiteering from the ill health of other people, and the more ill the health, the greater the profit. Should people want to turn this matter around, well, then they’re going to have to start undetecting “mental illness”. People screen for mental health in order to find people they can label “mentally ill”. Stop screening, and you are protecting people from “mental illness”. The “mental illness” labeling rate then goes down. Brain scans, used in this fashion, are just another method of screening for mental health. The objective is to find more psychiatrically “sick” people, or more psychiatrically “sicker” people. Either way, until we get a big paradigm shift in the treatment field, it’s ching ching. You can hear the cash registers going off at the pharmaceutical counters.

  2. Yeah it is driven by money. But what bugs me way more are the people who actually seem to believe. Not so much the general public but the practitioners. I think a lot of them are a very strange mixture of stupid and evil. But that leaves me looking like a prick since very few people want to even think this about people who are doctors and nurses.

    • re”I think a lot of them are a very strange mixture of stupid and evil. ”
      They are Looking for Logical robots, when humans are living in animal bodies , with animal needs, desires, and freewill. Our ancestors (50,000 years ago?) lived in nature, in a forest like an orangutan’s or gorillas perhaps. We now live in concrete cities, an alien world, noise pollution, stinky with artificial light and artificial food. And you wonder why people go crazy?
      Unless the world is only 5,000 years old and everything is intelligently designed . (joke)
      And logical robots would not show up to work, as they have no reason to work for money they can not enjoy spending.

      • Clear cut forests, polluted rivers, and mass extinctions of species, I have to say things have come to a head. Ignorant, stubborn, and mistaken mental health practitioners are a small thing by comparison. When you can do one thing, you can do the other. Our’s is a death culture. Just look at all the money lavished on wars if you have any doubts! Exxon and BP are worth more than the oceans they are helping to destroy? I don’t think so. We need to redeem people’s respect and reverence for life, and not just human life, but all the life of the planet. Human selfishness and greed is killing this planet, and at a rate that is very dangerous. The people who are doing this to our planet are the real mad men and women, but they’re not the ones who are being locked up. The time has come for a change; if not, the time for doing so is running out very fast.

    • The mentality of biologically medical psychiatrists and other like minded mental health professionals puzzles a lot of us. The religion of “chronic mental illness” continues to keep a lot of people down. The problem with the “stigma” theory is that it is coming from psychiatrists, and these same psychiatrists are some of the most prejudiced people, as far as people with psychiatric labels are concerned, people in the world. The opinions of the general public are being shaped by these experts in the field. What the general public is not being told is that what they are receiving is theory rather than fact. If what you are receiving is one theory, there are others. The analogy between Darwinian evolutionary theory and Christian creationist myth wouldn’t really work here. We’ve got a case where much research is being guided by this set of theoretical premises, and it remains blind to any other approach. If your premise is a mad gene, you will look for a mad gene, but if you feel that maybe it isn’t all due to a mad gene, you will look at something else. If there isn’t any mad gene, this is not going to be apparent from the research that wishes to prove there is a mad gene. It’s not as simple as having the matter settled with one experiment. Research has to be replicated. Many of the so called advances being made now are also just beginning to unravel.

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