Drug Sends School Children To Hospital

Seroquel, a neuroleptic or so-called antipsychotic drug, despite recent press coverage regarding its use as a street drug, is not the kind of chemical compound that makes for a great recreational drug. It may make you groggy, and it may put you under, but it isn’t going to make you feel terrific. Some students at a Florida Middle School had to learn this lesson the hard way. Miami/Ft Lauderdale’s Channel 7 News covered the story, Students hospitalized after pill overdose at school.

According to Hialeah Fire Rescue, five students from Palm Springs Middle School were transported to Palmetto General Hospital after they took Seroquel, a drug prescribed to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. “That’s psychiatric medication,” said Hialeah Fire Chief Lazaro Guerra, “meant to treat a psychiatric condition.”

The authorities have fewer qualms about psychiatric patients taking mega-doses of these pills than they do with school children taking them, but perhaps they should be kept off their shelves as well.

According to fire rescuers, the children, all girls, took between one and two tablets each with a strength of 450 to 500 mg. “That can really put their life in danger,” said a fellow student. “I would do a protest against all of this, if I could.”

Something of this sort may have happened before.

The student said she knows three of the girls and said Tuesday’s incident was not an isolated one. “They were drinking beer, tequila, Coca-Cola, whisky together and then some pills that they drink.

We will leave this rest of this part of the story to mom and dad.

Later in the day CBS Miami Channel 4 News covered the students discharge from the hospital, 4 Hialeah Students Treated For Taking Medications.

Four middle school students have been discharged from a Hialeah hospital after ingesting a prescription medication, and complaining of feeling sick, Miami-Dade School District officials said.

I would imagine the 4 students to be at the gates of puberty. So was there a snake in Eden? Or was this young man just another poor fool at the Magic Mart?

District officials said that a male student gave the three female students the medication off school property before class started.

Or did he just have a grudge against the girls?

District Officials said the male student is facing criminal charges, is suspended, and will be recommended for expulsion.

Efforts have been made to behead the snake then, you might say. If we’re only dealing with a fool, I guess you could say that efforts have been launched to compound the folly. Let’s hope, for fear of compounding the folly even farther, that none of these young ladies are romantically involved with the culprit.

A Hialeah Fire Rescue Spokesman said the students showed no obvious signs of overdose, and were not seriously injured.

Be forwarned, if any of these youngsters, heaven forbid, should wind up in long term mental health maltreatment, the injuries sustained could prove irreversible.