Woman Arrested For Defending Her Child

Yesterday I posted a story about school children taking a psychiatric drug, and getting a big surprise…namely, “sick”. Today the issue is a wee bit more serious. Today I’m posting about a story on a woman who has had her daughter taken away from her because she wasn’t drugging her.

Last year, in Detroit, Maryanne Godboldo, the mother of a 13 Year old home-schooled girl took her daughter to a Children’s Center, a group working with troubled children, because her daughter had a bad reaction to a series of immunizations she had received. The girl wanted to attend a public Middle School, and those immunizations were a requirement for admittance. As a part of the Center’s treatment plan, her daughter saw a psychiatrist who put her on a neuroleptic drug. The neuroleptic drug only seemed to make her daughter worse, and so Mrs. Godboldo took her daughter to another doctor for a second opinion. This doctor recommended she take her daughter off the psychiatric drugs she had been prescribed. She did so, and her child’s condition seemed to show a world of improvement. Child protective services objected to Mrs. Godboldo’s child being taken off her former treatment plan, and they told Mrs. Godboldo to put her child back on the program, or she would have to surrender her daughter to them.

Thursday of last week CPS workers and police showed up at Mrs. Godboldo’s apartment claiming to have a warrant that said they could take Mrs. Godboldo’s child. Mrs. Godboldo demanded to see the warrant, but no warrant was produced.

As covered on mlive.com in a story with the heading, Was a Detroit mother right to resist efforts by Child Protective Services, police to take her child?

A standoff ensued. A gunshot was fired from inside the house — though, according to [Wanda] Evans [Godboldo’s lawyer], not at officers. Finally, after long hours of tense negotiations, Godboldo — a mother, a teacher, a dancer and a respected figure in the city’s arts circles — surrendered, was jailed and, on Sunday, was arraigned on multiple felony charges.

The child is now being held by the state although a number of Mrs. Godboldo’s relatives have offered to care for her in her mother’s absence.

But for now, at least, the drugs are off the table. A Wayne County Circuit Court judge ordered the medication discontinued until further review.

Mrs. Godboldo was released from jail Wednesday on $200,000 bond. This $200,000 bond had been reduced earlier at a special hearing from the $500,000 the judge thought excessive.

As Judge [Deborah] Thomas’ remarks suggest, the incident has sparked shock and outrage among many in Detroit who believe that Child Protective Services overreacted (and that state agencies are often far too quick to recommend medication for kids, especially black children). A rally of support for Godboldo is being held at Detroit’s Hartford Memorial Church on April 2.

This is not a localized problem, this is a national problem. The state can take children away from their rightful parents if the state feels they aren’t following a treatment plan it favors. Although in the past there was an effort to enact a national Child Safety Medication Act, this effort failed. Now more than ever we need legislation, on whatever level, to insure that the government doesn’t make those decisions that should rest with a child’s parents alone. This is a safety issue. Neuroleptic drugs can cause neurological damage, and bring on metabolic changes, whether the state recognizes this fact or not. Parents need the right to protect their children from injury at the hands of the state. This woman’s only crime was in being a good mother and in trying to protect her child. She shouldn’t be punished for doing what any other mother in her circumstance should have done. I hope community members, friends, and supporters are ultimately successful when it comes to correcting this miscarriage of justice.

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  1. Sometimes I think politicians might be frightened of shrinks. A bit like people were frightened of Rasputin. They think they might know their dark secrets and better do what they say.

    • I happen to think that the US Supreme Court, in a bad decision, has given an inordinant amount of judicial power to psychiatrists. The lower courts, more or less, are expected to defer judgments regarding to commitment to psychiatrists. I tend to think that doing so represents a violation of a person’s right to due process of law. This is only one, although perhaps the most glaring, of the ways in which people facing civil commitment proceeding are under represented by adequate legal counsel in this country, and it is a making a continuing travesty of our justice system in making these determinations.

      We are put in the position of having to overturn an unconstitutional Supreme Court decision. I can point out that it is unconstitutional, but convincing the Supreme Court that enacted it of it’s unconstitutionality, well, that’s the challenge.

  2. Or it can go this way:

    If the pigs and the social workers and assorted morons are so stupid that they will stop at nothing to shove pills down some kids throat then a mother might do something like shoot some idiot in the head.

    “Society” would then say, “Look, look, deranged mother attacks us while we are trying to help her child.”

    The mother could then say, “Fuck you. I don’t want to breathe the same air as you morons. And whilst you might succeed in shutting me up and drugging my daughter there is still the chance that she will remember and stand up to you imbeciles one day. You blind lumbering morons have us in a position where we have nothing of value to lose.”

    • If Mrs. Maryanne Godboldo was absolutely alone, this would be a horrific matter, but she has supporters from both right and left. I think there are probably instances where that isn’t the case, due to the localities some people reside in, but it is the case in her case. I don’t think either Child Protective Services or the police are going to emerge from this thing smelling like roses.

      Regarding tomorrow’s rally…

      Her resistance of authorities with a warrant from a Wayne Circuit Court judge has drawn nationwide attention from both conservative and liberal causes advocating for the rights of parents, those concerned about the safety of childhood immunizations, the use of psychotropic drugs on juveniles and activists worried about intrusions of government on individuals.

      Many are expected to attend a rally at 9 a.m. Saturday to support Godboldo at Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, 18700 James Couzens Freeway.

      “We are going to have an extremely interesting collection of Americans who believe in the sanctity of family, conservatives and liberals, coming together for this mother,” said one of the event’s organizers, Ron Scott of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality. Lawyers and family say Godboldo’s dispute with authorities is over a medical and mental health treatment plan that had called for psychotropic drugs the mother felt were doing more harm than good.

      Gee, but isn’t it great to have friends.

      • Fortunately for this lady and her daughter it seems she does have some real support as opposed to the “support” that the state employed imbeciles would like to inflict.

        Another aside:
        Check out:

        It’s about anti-tobacco hysterics. (Whether the existence of tobacco is good or bad is irrelevant, it’s the hysteria that’s relevant.)

        It’s worth a look to see that the same kind of methods are used by hysterics everywhere. It can give you a chance to put mental health issues aside for a while just so as to study the behaviour of hysterical ratbags in another arena. Then when you think back to your own interest, like in this blog, you may have an extra level of knowledge and capability to understand and eviscerate morons in general.

        This is what I am about. Evisceration. I want to eviscerate morons of all kinds.

  3. It’s not on topic but thought you might like this:

    • The ADHD label before it became the ADHD label was the Minimal Brain Disfunction label. Problem! We’re dealing with children and adolescents here. Their brains are growing, and at different rates. Just think….No wonder some areas of the brain are less developed than other areas. We call it developing! The way to deal with this matter is to let the kid grow up, and not to stunt his or her growth with pharmaceutical products. Some kids are more developed than other kids, sure, but they aren’t born adults. They’re growing into adults. Some of the areas of these kids brains are going to differ in size from the same areas in other kids brains. What did I say? Kids are growing, and at different rates. We can create some real problems for ourselves when we try to rush mother nature. She is the result of tens of millions of years of evolution. We shouldn’t try to push infants into a premature adulthood for which they aren’t ready. If parents are seen as the middle men, well, we’re not getting rid of them.

      Thanks, Rod, for drawing our attention to this very interesting, and somewhat troubling, article.

      • Yeah and I guarantee that if you were to check out their methods they’d be shabby and dishonest. Like the supposed schizophrenics with small brains but they’ve been drugged and malnourished for 20 years. But such is the “vanity of the phoney expert” they refuse to see that they cherry pick and lie.

        Some of these people are downright criminal, others are just stupid but think that they have a right to lie because they’re do-gooders or on a mission from god or some such garbage.

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