Mental health treatment reducing life expectancy in England, too.

Often cited, a 16 State Study conducted by National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD), published in October 2006, found that people in mental health treatment programs in the USA were dying on average 25 years younger than the general population. Now, a new study, conducted in Kent in the United Kingdom has arrived at a similar finding. Mental patients in Kent England are dying on average at an age 25 years younger than the rest of the population. The story appeared in Your Canterbury under the headline Life expectancy of Kent mental health patients ‘reduced by 25 years’.

Researchers at the University of East Anglia chose the Kent and Medway National Health Service (NHS) and Social Care Partnership Trust, to carry out the study because it is a typical secondary mental health service provider to a population of 1.6 million in the South East of England.

Good enough, and…

So over two years, they chose to closely examine the cases of almost 800 Kent patients with severe mental illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in order to gain a snapshot of just how bad the situation really is, and, more importantly, what could be done about it.

The situation is startlingly bad.

In a frightening statistic, they discovered two-thirds were overweight or obese, and a disproportionate number suffered from diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and raised cholesterol.

The research team found inactivity, poor diet, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption were the norm, plus obesity was prevalent at 66 per cent.

It was also discovered 34 per cent of patients had high blood pressure; 52 per cent had abnormally high cholesterol levels and a surprisingly high proportion were being prescribed atypical antipsychotic drugs associated with weight gain.

This all contributed to a life expectancy slashed by an astonishing 25 years, mainly from cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer for people slapped with the bipolar label.

It is thought by many professionals in the field that providing treatment alternatives (diet, exercise, meditation, etc.), focusing on maintaining good physical health, and lessening the excessive use of atypical neuroleptic drugs would go a long way towards changing this sorry statistic.

According to this article an initiative, a Wellness Support Programme, has been launched in the UK that it is hoped may be able to improve these figures. This programme has already shown some promising results in reducing the excessive body mass of some patients.

6 Responses

  1. To misrepresent people and drug them for no good reason and then treat them for the problems that the drugs cause is just… crap.

    • When it comes to psychiatric drugs, apparently consent isn’t as informed as it should be, to say the very least. What adolescent girl ever wanted to grow up to be a fat slob!?

  2. There’s a shrill bunch of powerful imbeciles out there that object if anyone who is not them, suggests by way of any method, that the shrill bunch may in fact be full of shit.

    • Yeah, maybe that admitting physician at the State Hospital is sticking a latex gloved finger up the wrong asses.

  3. Sooner or later someone has just gotta say to these people that they are talking rubbish. How long is is this trash going to go on? Well, hate to say it, but people are stupid and full of guilt and willing to collude with these vicious bastards that pretend to be practitioners.

    The prick shrinks know that the idiot “patients” that do their bidding are their allies.

    • Well, more and more people should say to these people that they are talking rubbish, but if they are in the same field, they are likely to lose their jobs. This is why it’s important when the shrinks tell their lies for people to make a revolutionary act of telling the truth. Common sense has to tell you that some of the “facts” regarding their specialty just aren’t true. What happened? Apparently, years and years of pseudo-scientific medical school psychobabble can destroy a good mind. These guys can’t see the noses in front of their faces for some text they must have read at some point in time.

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