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My rant about suicide, unhappiness, and government policy

People kill themselves because they are unhappy. People don’t kill themselves because they are “ill”.

I’m not saying that having a terminal illness might not serve as an excuse for a person to commit suicide; I’m just saying that such an excuse is not the reason for the act.

Unhappiness may be listed as a “mental illness” in biological psychiatry’s gospel, the DSM, but unhappiness is not a “mental illness”. The DSM, with all it’s pathologizing of every emotional state imaginable, for all practical purposes, is a very dispensable, as opposed to indispensable, manual.

The poor outcomes that come of psychiatric drugging indicate that although we may be feeding people to the drug companies’ profit margins, this drugging has not increased their zest for life, their happiness, or their contentment levels one iota. If anything, it has done the reverse.

The “pursuit of happiness” is a term our forefathers wrote into that document declaring our nation’s independence from the British Empire. This “pursuit of happiness” becomes more and more elusive with time when practical guarantees for the possibility of attaining that happiness are not in place.

The suicide rate climbs because the numbers of unhappy and discontented people climbs. Both these currents of increase point to fundamental failures, misguidance, and lapses of judgment at work in the policies and decisions our government officials have arrived at.

Obviously, if social discontent and unhappiness are increasing, and if our politicians are behind this increase, something is amiss.

Suicide is more popular than homicide. This situation relinquishes the need for any idle chatter about survival instinct, or “mental illness”, for that matter. These people offing themselves are not the only lemming-like personalities involved in contemporary trends. We’re killing our natural environment, and we’re expanding our wastelands at an ever quickening pace. Now tell me that makes sense!

Social insecurity has been increasing for decades. Pensions, employee benefits, and even jobs have been dissolving like smoke on the breeze.

Reaganomics has given way to Barackonomics, both of which equal a growing population of people without adequate housing. Curious, when you consider that the earlier homeless population boom was called the Great American Depression.

Community doesn’t matter anymore when we have TV. Rich celebrities can do all our living for us, and keep us entertained throughout. I like to call the entertainment industry the opium of the impoverished.

Casinos are more popular than ever. In casinos, I’m including state lotteries and the stock market.

Welcome to America! Although we don’t provide guns at the door, I can see that the time may be rapidly approaching when we may do so.