10 year old boy commits suicide in the UK

Harry Hucknall had had a difficult time compared to most boys of his age. It is reported that before his short sad life was through he had resided in 14 different homes and he had attended 4 different schools.

His family had relocated to get him away from bullies who had threatened him with a screwdriver. His emotional state went downhill after a friend was attacked by an adult wielding a baseball bat. His behavior became so very reckless as to be characterized self-injurious.

Why does a 10 year old boy hang himself in his room? Apparently the drugs he had been prescribed for the depression and the ADHD diagnoses he had received had something to do with it. The report in the North-West Evening Mail bears the heading, Tragic Harry’s final farewell to his family.

Mr. [Darren} Hucknall [the boy’s father] said: “He was quiet at times but he was on these tablets and I say they had a major contribution to what happened. He never mentioned killing himself until after he was on these tablets.

I think I’m beginning to see a connection here. Psychiatric drugs = suicidal behaviors; suicidal behaviors = psychiatric drugs.

“He started changing a month or two after being on them. He said to me he wanted to kill himself. I asked him why and he said ‘ because it would be funny.’ I said to him that it wouldn’t be funny for me and David and he said ‘sorry dad.’ I think he was doing it to get a response.”

What were the drugs this lad was being doped up on?

Harry was diagnosed with clinical depression and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and prescribed the drugs fluoxetine, an anti-depressant, and Ritalin.

I think there are certainly better things to be doing with your kids than attaching “mental illness” labels to them, and doping them up on psychiatric drugs. This is especially true when these psychiatric drugs would seem to drive a child to suicide.