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Child Killing Psychiatrist Back In The News

2 years after 7 year old Gabriel Myers suicide, his psychiatrist, Dr. Sohail Punjwani, is still managing to make the pages of the Miami Herald. The Broward County section of that paper has a headline claiming Boy’s county psychiatrist has other issues.

On July 18 of last year, Sohail Punjwani was arrested by Miami Beach police officers for driving under the influence and cocaine possession.

Dr. Punjwani is in a pre-trial diversion program, and he won’t be prosecuted if he finishes the program.

It must be the stress from being accused of causing this young boy’s death, don’t you think?

Punjwani provided The Miami Herald with a sworn statement from a consulting doctor who concluded “within reasonable medical and psychiatric probability” that Gabriel’s death was not attributable to Dr. Punjwani’s prescribing practices.

Ain’t that cute! How does he defend himself from these charges? He gets a ‘brudder’ psychiatrist, a hired “consultant”, to come to his aid, and say that his prescribing practices didn’t have anything to do with the kid’s suicide.

“Gabriel had exhibited impulsive and aggressive behavior well before he was prescribed any medication by Dr. Punjwani, and he had undergone a number of significant and very emotional changes in the several weeks predating his death,” concluded Manuel R. Garcia, a child psychiatrist and lecturer who taught psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California at San Diego.

Uh, anybody looking into the prescribing practices of this Dr. Garcia?

A report made by the FBI Behavioral Analyst unit following the death of Gabriel Myers seems to be at odds with this assessment.

Punjwani, the team wrote, “has already been sanctioned for over-prescribing medications to patients, and, for the age-inappropriate prescription of medications to Gabriel Myers.”

7 year old boys don’t ordinarily kill themselves. If Punjwani had been over-prescribing psychiatric drugs, certainly the boy’s death was related to his prescribing practices.

It seems that Punjwani’s prescribing practices aren’t the only reckless behaviors he has engaged in. Let’s hope that the authorities are able to catch up with him, and doctors like him, before another innocent life is wasted so needlessly.

4 Responses

  1. The Doc’s in Diversion, huh? Physician Diversion Programs are Already ILLEGAL, so long as Psychiatry exists cloaked in the Force of Unconstitutional, bought and paid for Junk Legislation. See the 14th Amendment, Sec 1.

    Great Post! Thank You!


  2. That doctor was my dr for 8 1/2 years and all i went through hell with him always overmedicating me. HE GOT ME ADDICTED TO KLONOPINE and then took me off it instantly. I should sue his ass. Hes the reason im afraid to see a psychiatrist as an adult.

  3. Although you are probably right, the information you provide is not enough to claim any “certainty.”

    • You are commenting on a 2011 story in 2013. This makes your comment much less relevant than the post.

      In the past, authorities have not been good about punishing errant psychiatrists. Some doctors are being sanctioned now for over prescribing practices.

      The ProPublica website has a database on the amount of money drug companies are into any doctor for in any state. This is a very good thing. When people are knowledgeable about this sort of thing, they can do something to contain doctors over zealous with the prescription pad.


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