May Is Out And Out Bullshit Month

May isn’t Mental Health Month, judging from the literature, May is actually Out And Out Bullshit Month. Here’s where the obediently compliant mental health consumer, who has had his or her backbone extracted, comes out and talks about the wonders of treatment. It’s the wonders of treatment versus “disease”. The treatment is pharmaceutical. The disease is a “broken brain”. This brain is broken by genetics. This is biological psychiatry which explains itself in the most un-biological of terms, the circuitry in this or that brain isn’t working the way it should work. Psychiatric drugs, it’s supposed, allow these individuals afflicted with “broken brains” to manage in society. They…”fix it”.

I’ve read about a movie featuring 3 of what are described as people with schizophrenia paid for by a pharmaceutical company. Now when a pharmaceutical company makes a movie, it’s going to feature relatively treatment compliant people. Despite any disclaimers, and there are those, too, we’ve got a blatant instance of conflict of interest going on here. I would not think that the directors of this movie had a small pool of potential people to draw their 3 “winners” from. By “winner”, in this instance, we mean brown nose, or kiss ass. There are many more persons who are not being showcased as blue ribbon mental cases. You will probably be crossing paths with a few of them every now and then.

There is also the matter of the ex-politician member of one of America’s leading families who is doing his part to promote this sort of invalidism. This man recently stated that he empathized with the Tuscon shooter whom he felt was in need of treatment. I think you could say the same thing for the recently “treated” Osama bin Laden. This ex-politician is busy promoting brain research for the sake of a better understanding of non-existent and future “brain diseases”. He himself was given a “bipolar” label early on, but he says this label was recently switched for another label. He is chiefly known for his substance abuse issues that got him into hot water with the police and his constituency. The “mental illness” excuse for scrapping self-control, moral integrity, and responsibility is not an excuse which I choose to honor.

If you want the truth about so called “mental illness” you will have to wait until Mad Pride is celebrated in July. Bullshit is bullshit, but Mad Pride celebrants, at least, are honest about it. The maddest people in the world are those purporting to be most sane. These are the presumed reasonable people who run our countries, ruin our economies, and get us into wars. When you lock up a man or woman thought to be mad, in most cases, you’re locking up the wrong person. These people don’t have power, means, money, or position. They aren’t going to lead our nations down a path that leads to nothing but death and destruction. In fact, they are much less likely to do so than the powers that be. The value of life still cries out to be affirmed, and the victim of your mental health/illness system is not the one who is doing everything in his or her power to diminish that value.

Fixating on “mental illness” is just another way of avoiding insight into the damage wreaked by just such a fixation. The “mental illness” label is another term for lack of power, privilege, and means. “Mental illness”is an expression that means “bad luck”, lack of good circumstances, or “absence of opportunity”. Power disparities, and the situation of the human scapegoat, are not determined by biology, and there is no need to pretend that this is the case. You change the circumstances a person lives and works under, and you’ve changed everything. This is a matter of taking people who have been maneuvered onto a failure track, and redirecting them back onto a success track. When this realization is reached, “medication management” and “stigma reduction” ceases to be the aim and end all of mental health treatment. Full and complete mental health recovery again becomes the objective, and the result, of such treatment.

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  1. You wrote:

    “This is a matter of taking people who have been maneuvered onto a failure track, and redirecting them back onto a success track.”

    I agree, and would like to say:
    “Thank you.”


    • Some people are over-valued while other people are under-valued. The man whose net worth is a number followed by a tunnel of zeroes is a big fraud who has managed to deceive practically everybody. The manufacture of ‘throw away’ people is the problem we get out of all this. When a community looks for solutions, it doesn’t throw people away, it utilizes them. People, after all, are the substance of community. Among the places where people end up thrown away are in state mental hospitals. When one is characterized as voiceless, and in need of somebody else to do one’s speaking for one, one doesn’t need to accomodate that sort of rubbish if one can help it.

      Your very welcome, Duane. Thanks for the support. I try, and I’m glad you see something of value in this endeavor.

  2. Bullshit is the state funded shrinks commodity of trade. Not just to invent it but to pander to the inventions of others. Szasz calls psychiatry the science of lies and in the broad context he’s right. Psychiatry panders to people fucked up by religion. But at the same time politicians rely on whipping up favor using religious rhetoric or rhetoric that panders to the tolerance of religious and magical belief.

    Maybe the politicians feel badly at times, late at night, if they happen to be reading Swift. But then they can just have another drink and tell themselves that Swift is history.

    • Politicians read? & classics to boot? The idea of a politician reading Jonathan Swift is an enchanting one. I don’t think you’re going to get a whole lot of that going on.

      Psychiatrists ought to read more, too, I imagine, & anything but the DSM. Alright. Real people stand over here, and unreal people stand over there. You will find a whole lot more real people in literature than you will ever find in the pages of the DSM. What some people don’t seem to understand is that the DSM isn’t a book of etiquette. To repeat, the DSM isn’t a book of etiquette.

  3. So ultimately, what do you want?

    I think you’re about my age, and smart … so wtf? … do we really give a tinker’s cuss about the morons that fall prey to the shrinks.

    Maybe it’s a good thing. Why should we give a shit about people who are already so blitheringly stupid that they could be trapped by the blockheads?

    Maybe this whole blog should be about the FACT that there is a sucker born every minute, mental illness aside, people being what they are.

    • Well, if I didn’t know what I know, I would be one of those morons who had fallen prey to shrinks. People fall prey to them because they don’t know any better. They don’t have the facts. I can help fill in the gaps in their knowledge anyway.

      First Do No Harm should be the motto for all doctors. If it was, these doctors wouldn’t be harming their patients to the degree that they are harming them. Encouraging stupidity is not something I want to do either.

      I think there is a case to be made for Enlightenment here. Were I given the choice between a new Dark Ages or a new Renaissance, I think I’d go for the Renaissance.

  4. Psychiatrists don’t want to read. If they were to read The Road they would be put into a problematic position if asked to comment.

    Psychiatristrists deliberately and systematically disavow any genuine intellectual pursuit.

    • There is a review bearing the title Biological Psychiatry. Biological Psychiatry is the problem. Biological Psychiatry is the official journal, in fact, of the Society for Biological Psychiatry. It’s bad theory, and most, but surely not all, psychiatrists happen to subscribe to it.

      People have been having breakdowns since before there was a historical record. People will continue having breakdowns. That’s the reality. All’s not right with the world, and some people have to suffer it’s wrongs.

      Given another theory, you’d get another order of psychiatrist. You’d get the type of psychiatrist who might conceiveably be able to dramatically change our current treatment paradigm into something that made sense. I think there is a great potential for this other order of psychiatrist to arise and develop.

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