Paper would make ‘anorexia’ biological in origin

Call it the medicalization of everything. According to Fox News, Anorexia Might Be a Disease Like Diabetes, Scientists Say.

Anorexia may be a disorder more of the metabolism than the mind, according to a new paper that argues the disease is a sort of cousin of diabetes.

We’ve managed to take self-control out of the equation so often now that one has to wonder who’s at the wheel (e.g. god, nature, or the designated chosen one)? The feeling used to be that anorexia had something to do with body image. Body image is a matter of thought and perception. Metabolism presumes that there can be no conscious control of the matter. Freedom and responsibility just flew out the window.

Obesity, the result of over eating, is a common cause of diabetes. I think it fair to say that obesity is a cousin of diabetes. Over eating changes the metabolism of the human body and one of the outcomes of this change is diabetes. Had a person practiced a little restraint when it came to his or her appetites rather than becoming grossly obese, a person would also have warded off the development of diabetes.

The review of past research on the topic, published in the June issue of the Journal Molecular Psychiatry, finds that certain genetic and cellular processes get activated during starvation in organisms ranging from yeast to fruit flies to mice to humans. The idea, said study researcher Donald Dwyer, is that in people with a broken starvation response, a few initial rounds of dieting could trigger a metabolism gone haywire.

Wait a minute…”genetic and cellular processes”, you say? What came first, the chicken or the egg? Any metabolic change you get here wasn’t the result of dad humping mom, was it? It was the result of suppressing natural appetites.

I still think, given the evidence, over eating is much more closely related to diabetes than under eating. The issue is does the word ‘metabolism’ excuse the human organism from the exercise of responsible self-control. I don’t think it does.

Where is this investigation leading?

If Dwyer is right, difficult-to-treat anorexic patients may need drugs to get their metabolisms back on track, much as diabetes patients have to take insulin shots. But so far, the idea has not been tested in humans.

This Donald Dwyer guy wants to bank in on a future pharmaceutical product, and he’s using a standard excuse that is being used over and over again by biological minded members of the psychiatric profession. This “disease” can only be “maintained” by taking this or that drug permanently, just like insulin for diabetes, even if this “disease” is a “disease” only by a far stretch of the imagination. This goes directly to my next point, the pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Look! What we’ve got here is a money-making scheme, pure and simple. Use your head, and be wary of any bogus speculative “research” of this sort.