Brushing off tangles of mental health web

What words do I have for standard mental health information? Boring and unoriginal are a good start. Keep going, and you get dull and unimaginative, not to mention, clichéd and misleading. And don’t forget, repetitive. Article after article seems to say the exact same thing and, from my perspective, it’s all hokum.

“Mental illness” is brain disease. I guess that’s why we call it “mental illness”. The extraction of mind from matter is assumed complete with the stroke of a pen, all questions resolved. The partition between psychiatry and neurology has presumably grown so thin as to almost evaporate in the haze.

Everybody is let off the hook. Accountability is out the window. Doctors are not responsible for the failures of their practice. Parents are not responsible for the raising of their children. Institutions are not responsible for taking up the slack created by such parental neglect. Patients are not responsible for developing a modicum of self-control and independence.

If you’re going to blame anybody blame the, according to our divinely inspired experts, thoroughly discredited anti-psychiatry bunch. They did it. They dared question the divinely inspired authority, and deadly boring psycho-babble, of the experts in the field. They came up with a different approach to the matter of throw away people. They interrogated, and interrupted, the appetite of the human disposal unit.

We have all the answers now. These demented people have been struck a raw deal by an inalterable force of nature. They have the excuse of their chemical and genetic make up to keep them forever dysfunctional. The world has to change to accommodate them, for they are incapable of change. We call this accommodation the eradication of “stigma”.

Broadly speaking, we’re talking 5 % of the population. The question is what separates this less than resilient 5 % of the population from the more resilient 95 % of the population who have not received any psychiatric label and corresponding [mis]treatment? Why, of course! All the hog wash you can read at any mental disorder website whatsoever. If we all spout the same nonsense, everybody will mistake it for reason.

Perhaps what we really need, similar to the de-sensitivity trainings of the past, are resiliency training sessions. You need to teach this 5 % of the population to have the hardness of will and character, and the flexibility of attitude, that the 95 % majority has developed. Right now, conventional wisdom seems to have it that this 5 % population was born inferior to the 95 % who weren’t born so inferior, but there is absolutely no conclusive evidense to support this view.