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Ways In Which the Human Rights of Mental Patients Are Violated

    1. They are silenced while strangers presume to speak for them
    2. They are lied to and about
    3. They are given inadequate legal counsel
    4. They are harassed by the police and locked up for piddling offenses
    5. They are subjected to kangaroo hearings and rigged court proceedings
    6. They are prevented from voting or holding elected office
    7. They are removed from environments they are familiar with
    8. They are expected to fail at every task they take on
    9. They are treated like children beyond the age of consent
    10. They are harmed by people who claim to be helping them
    11. They are mistaken for the symptoms of “disease”
    12. They are expected to work for nothing and this slavery is called rehab
    13. They are officially stigmatized through the records kept of their hospital stays
    14. They are the victims of violent crime more often than they are the perpetuators
    15. They are not allowed weapons with which to defend themselves
    16. They are discriminated against by employers, educators, and the general public
    17. They are stereotyped in the media
    18. They are humiliated and disrespected as a rule
    19. They are criticized for showing any pride or self-respect, and for telling the truth
    20. They are rewarded for lying, for betrayal, and for parroting the words and deeds of their oppressors
    21. They are deprived of opportunities most people take for granted
    22. They are ostracized, segregated and isolated
    23. They are imprisoned in state hospitals
    24. They are restrained to beds and chairs by leather straps
    25. They are placed in solitary confinement (seclusion or quiet rooms)
    26. They are sexually and physically abused, and the perpetuators of this abuse get off with little more than a knuckle rap
    27. They are shocked
    28. They are drugged
    29. They are injured by shock, drugging, restraint, and physical abuse
    30. They are killed

20 Responses

  1. 31. They are not given proper burials (as you know).


    • I was going to delete this entry, but I guess I will keep it a bit longer.

      I was listing current violations, I believe the improper burial business, and under numbers, is more a matter of history than present practice. Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. Re: Legal aspects

    We have the answers.
    They’re simple….
    The 8th amendment 14th amendments to the Constitution –



    • I’m not a constitutional scholar, but I will give it a whirl.

      Weapons are covered by Amendment 2 dealing with the right to bear arms.

      Amendment 8: Cruel and unusual punishment? Yes, indeed.

      Amendment 13 abolishes slavery. When people are expected to work for nothing, what do you call that?

      Amendment 14: Equal protection under the law? Not yet anyway.

      This and Amendment 5 have to do with due process, and this is a right that is consistently trampled upon where people facing the false imprisonment of hospitalization are concerned.

      Amendment 6 protects the rights of people to a fair trial. We could certainly use a few of those protections.

      The 15th Amendment might need a little looking at as it is supposed to protect the rights of citizens to vote. It could be used to get rid of a few archaic state laws still on the books maybe.

  3. You’re right about the improper burials being in the past…
    But, until these folks are properly buried… all of them, I consider it a discrace.

    Strangely, I feel like many are “improperly buried” today… They drift away, disconnect due to the drugs… a slow, quiet death…. breathing, but not much else..

    Not a Constitutional scholar myself, but it looks like you’ve covered the bases.

    Thanks for your blog, for being out there… presenting the facts, speaking the truth.

    My best,


    • You’re right about the lack of fitting memorials being a continuing disgrace, Duane. There is also the fact that our history, the history of people who have resisted psychiatric oppression, has been expunged from the history books. This means that it must become our mission, in some respects, to correct this oversight. Uncovering this history, in fact, is way of continuing the struggle for our rights today. We have the right to a history, even if it isn’t the history of the every man and woman. We have a right to our own accurate history despite the tyranny of the majority some of us have suffered under so much.

  4. All 30 are true. Some such as 24 – 30 are in a particular class. Some such as 6 and 12 would if expertly debated by both sides end in an unsatisfactory but inevitable stalemate since the lie of mental illness is the trump.

    But number 2 covers everything. And if that’s not the pits, when it’s followed by 20 I see black with red stars. Very often you will see a supposed good news story of supposed recovery. Some poor fool parroting rubbish spoken by a case manager or occupational therapist.

    The cops and the shrinks who lie to and about people are the lowest of the low. Like despots they often believe they have a divine entitlement to lie. They act as though they believe they are doing the sky fairy’s will and that in a fallen world of lies lying is the only remedy.

    But of course people such as you and I are regarded (and written up) as being intractably deluded. If our arguments were to gain some small but potentially significant acceptance we would be hunted down, fitted up, humiliated and discredited.

    • I don’t know about being “intractably deluded” , but I was accused of “spreading misinformation” by a woman psychiatrist caller when I guested a call-in radio talk show once. This is a typical accusation I have heard applied to other critics of the conventional mental health system by random professional psychiatrists. It must be sort of their “gotcha” moment. It becomes laughable though when these critics have reliable professional sources that they can cite. Even professional psychiatrists have a difficult time arguing with the facts.

  5. You forgot to add that by merely bringing up all of these points makes you paranoid.

    • Hi Marlboro. Exactly. It relates to item 10. These imbeciles claim to be trying to help. If you resist or object to their inflictions you are said to be unwell, paranoid or psychopathic.

    • The less time you spend being “helped”, when this “help” is conventionally bureaucratic coercive mental health (i.e. drug) treatment, the less likely you are to be seriously and irreparably harmed.

      I used to see a psychiatrist. Once a year I met with this psychiatrist, and he would give me an impromptu mental health quiz. One of the questions on this list he’d run down was, “Do you think people are out to get you?” My understanding was that the “mentally ill” response was to say, “yes”, and the “mentally well” response was to say, “no”. Had I answered “yes” to this question he would have inferred that I was “paranoid”. This is to say that the “correct” answer to the question, regardless of any “reality”, is “no”. There is another question on his list that works in the same fashion. “Do you hear voices.” You have to understand that he is not asking you if you hear people talking to you. He is actually asking whether or not you have audio hallucinations. I find that, regardless of whether you experience audio hallucinations or not, it is probably a good idea to respond to this question with a “no” as well. While the symptoms of so called “mental illness” can be studied, comprehended, and incorporated in one’s daily routine, the same can be done with aspects of so called “mental wellness”, too. I would suggest that it is more advanteous and less dangerous to develop a cheat sheet for the questions on any such list than it is to major in “mental illness”.

      • Yes, all psychiatrists care about is lip service and being told they’re the most wonderful people in the world. It’s quite the sham.

  6. Could I add a few that happened to me and people don’t believe could happen? The last three hospital stays I was subject to a strip search with another woman present. They were more through than my annual pap smear, and they checked me in such a way, it was almost akin to rape. This is to make sure Im not smuggling drugs. They took my teddy bear and sliced him in half, also to look for contriband. They confiscated the shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste and deodorant because i might have been able to smuggle drugs in it they said. They removed all the shoes and told my mom I would be wearing slipper socks. All jewelery was removed, I was trying to wean myself off a black box drug and was so suicidal, yet they kept me in a room that had knives in it for meals, and when I complained, they told me they were giving me a Xanax to calm me down., It was Thorazine. i refused pills and quickly realized if i didn’t take them I would be off the state hospital. So i took them and then promptly threw them up in the shower. For 14 days I sat in a chair doing Suduko puzzles and watching marathons of CSI.

    the doctors couldn;t stand me because i had more psychology classes than they did. So it’s like, give her Thorazine and transfer her out of here. They threatened me with ECT constantly, but that was what caused my disablity, so i couldn’t get any more treatments. I walked around at night because I couldn’t sleep because my roomate snored, and i was locked in a bed.

    We never went outside once in 14 days.

    Thank heaven i was voluntary, or i would have never leave.

    This is supposed to be the best private hospital in my state, brought to you by the kind folks of Robert Wood Johnson foundation.

    • Wow! Talk about your trust issues. Now I don’t know how a person, after going through a process like that, couldn’t recognise psychiatry for the invasive and imprisoning practice that it all too often is.

      Luckily it wasn’t a long stay, and you got out of there.

      • Thank you. If i do my math correctly I have been in mental hospitals exactly nine months of my life. it could be worse, it could be years. What kept me going the entire times were a picture of my cat no frame ,just a Polaroid, that made me want to get home quickly and cuddle her again.

        it makes me angry that this happens to so many people and they have no one to fight for them, and they don’t know better to question and ask and know they aren’t alone.

        Pets not Prozac!

  7. Gentlemen; You have correctly asserted the 14th and 8th Amendments are in abeyance and rendered nugatory by Psychiatric diagnosis, but you need add the 1st, 4th, 5th, & 6th Amendments as also being vacated on the Constitutionally prohibited sanction of punk, runners/soldiers for drug kingpins.

    Amendments 1, 4, 5, 6, & 8 are binding upon the States through “Incorporating” them under the 14th, with the exception of the 5th’s protection against self incrimination not extending to Grand Juries. Now Mind You, even if one of these psychic fraudsters took the position of Themselves impossibly acting as Grand Juror, Any, of the remaining Constitutional violations – Even Singly – laugh them out from under legality. But when added into the aggregate, the miracle is that they haven’t already All been tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on rails.

    Glenn Beck recently interviewed an author pushing his book “Original Intent” in which he has translated the Federalist Papers into English. I wanted to cry.

    The Federalist Papers are the primary material our Judiciary are to consult for clarity on Constitutional Intent & Meaning. If the general public will buy them Dumbed Down, where are today’s Judges coming from?

    Hamilton in Federalist 84 argued Against a Bill of Rights because codifying Any of them as “Hands Off” would encourage politicians to encroach on Other Rights which had Not been spelled out.

    “I go further, and affirm that bills of rights, in the sense and to the extent in which they are contended for, are not only unnecessary to the proposed Constitution, but would even be dangerous. They would contain various exceptions to powers not granted; and, on this very account would afford a colorable pretext to claim more than were granted. For why declare that things shall not be done which there is no power to do?”

    Does that look like it has to be Dumbed Down? Apparently so, because our Judiciary are Incapable of understanding that “there is NO Power to do.”

    And even With a Bill of Hands Off in No uncertain terms, Psychiatry ignores it Wholesale through Parens Patriae, wherein the State unlawfully empowers Pseudo-Medical Philosophers to force decisions upon other people who are incapable of knowing where their own, and society’s, best interests lie because the State purportedly philosophizes better.

    But with antipsychotics taking 25 years off a person’s life, and long universally recognized/acknowledged as the causative agent in violent homicides, the publicly perceived intent of Parens Patriae through Psychiatric intervention becomes a photographic negative of itself in actual application.

    • Great to have somebody who has glanced over the US Constitution among us. I see 2 dumbing downs going on here. The US Constitution is being translated into English from English for people who think it contains too many legal terms, and a theory of psychiatry is being dished out as if it were the only school of psychiatry and proven. It is neither.

      Most of the articles on “mental illness” coming out today say that it has nothing to do with a lack of self-control. I think it has everything to do with self-control. I would, unlike your newspaper patient, stress the fact that while self-control can be lost, it can also be regained. What is the “out of control” person, but “out of control”. At issue is who should do the controlling.

  8. brilliant!

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