Let’s Just Say She’s In Recovery From A Bipolar Bear Mauling

So-called “mental illness” involves much mis-education, building years and years of dependency on a broken system, taking psychiatric drugs that only make matters worse, and simply not having or perceiving an exit from the system into sense.

Take Sarah Martin, for instance, in her special to the Arizona Daily Star, Mental-health issues are a bear, but, people, don’t ever give up.

(Aside: “Don’t ever give up what? One’s role as a mental patient!?”

The litany of Sarah’s diagnostic history (She has had many “diagnoses”.), her mis-education, beginning around the time of her parents divorce (Here one wonders about the particular psychiatric system rat who must have then taken custody.), runs as follows.

Age 10: panic attacks
Age 15: temper tantrums, bouts of “extra energy”. The doctor has had her on anti-depressants for years, but nothing helped her “symptoms”. (Apparently her doctors seems to be thinking her, at base, depressed.) If you could see a bipolar diagnosis coming, well, you aren’t alone.
Age 16: bipolar disorder 1 with generalized anxiety disorder.
Age 18: experiments with drugs, alchohol, and sex. Develops an addiction to cocaine.
Age 22: she’s a pot-head.
Age 25: Bipolar 1 disorder with schizoaffective disorder, and she says she had symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Alright, let’s be a little more precise, and run down the actual gamut of disorders that we find sprinkled throughout her history. There is Panic Attack (the DSM-IV does register a Panic Disorder often associated with Agoraphobia), Bipolar Affective Disorder 1, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Substance Abuse Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, and finally, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. On the surface of it, we’ve got six more or less identifiable disorders, and possibly, given an overzealous psychiatrist, quite a few more.

I would say that at this point Sarah Martin could be writing a thesis for her master’s degree in disorders of the mental variety.

I would not suggest following her advice to the letter though.

If you or someone you know is having a life-threatening mental- health emergency always call 911. Tell the dispatcher and responders if mental illness or substance abuse is involved.

Nor would I suggest opting for her second strategy if you can do anything else.

If your crisis is urgent but not immediately life-threatening, call the Community-Wide Crisis Line at 622-6000 or 1-800-796-6762. The Crisis Response Network will answer the phone and help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

Self-reliance is an American virtue that has often been under rated of late, but one thing utilizing it is likely to do is it is likely to keep one out of the muck of the mental health system that Sarah Martin has gotten herself so stuck in.

Although she has gotten with a program, found a caring soulmate, etc., etc., I would not write Sarah off as a recovering normality disorder sufferer quite yet. Sarah Martin is only 27 years old now. She has plenty of time with which to develop further crises, and to receive even more debilitating psychiatric labels in, before her little boat has finally run aground for good.

Thus runs our hope anyway.

4 Responses

  1. I read her article and for a minute I thought she was going to tell us that she came to her senses and that psychiatry was bunk. But no… she’s just another idiot.

    • I wouldn’t write her off just yet, after all she’s only 27 years old. I would have reservations though given the following statement.

      To you others, you are NOT alone. You are NOT forgotten and there is help out there – CPSA, COPE, the National Alliance on Mental Illness Southern Arizona, among others. Call any one of these places. They can direct you where you need to be.

      Aw, pulleeze! Leave me alone, why doncha? I’m much better off without all that “help” you offer. We have a expression for this aloneness, and it’s called self-reliance. Right where I am is right where I need to be. I know of a few too many people who were destroyed, quite literally, by the kind of “help” they received.

  2. It’s a shame that the DSM doesn’t have “Drama Queen” as a diagnosis because this chick certainly fits the bill.

    For my experience, the best thing that ever happened to me was that Medicaid finally refused to pay for the shrink’s drugs and the shrink had to leave me alone.

    • Well, I would suggest there are quite a few places for Drama Queens in the DSM, borderline personality disorder, for instance, or histrionic personality disorder, while it’s still there anyway. Bipolar affective disorder also has become so popular as a diagnosis that any number of Drama Queens could have taken up the call.

      Drama Queen isn’t a illness, of course. It’s a person relishing the emotional extreme, or mawkishly melodramatic roles. I would imagine that a heck of a lot of so called mental illness is the work of talented Drama Queens.

      I have even gone so far as to suggest using acting as a method of mental health treatment. Acting is about assuming roles, and a variety of roles, not just those roles that are silly and “sick”. The problem with Drama Queens is not that they are actors and actresses, rather it is that they are bad actors and bad actresses. Good thespians should be able to assume roles that are very unlike themselves in “real” life. It is a skill that requires subtlety. It’s not enough to take on vain parts alone, one must also be able to squeeze into the skin of humility. When one can act well, one has essientially tapped a very real current, too. Acting well temporarily is a very big step on the way to acting well on a more permanent basis.

      A Drama Queen is not a just person who acts, acting is about deceiving, a Drama Queen is a person who over acts. Over acting is too obvious to deceive anyone.

      Urban Dictionary: Drama Queen

      wiktionary: drama queen

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