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“Mental health issues” gaining on “normality” in schools

You’ve got to wonder at the fund raising tactics of some people these days. Residents in Anderson South Carolina, for instance, according to the article, Mental health concerns increase in schools, while funding shrinks.

No, no, they’re not subsidizing psychiatrists. Actually they’re just weathering an economic crisis.

Research indicates that within the next five years, 50 percent of all students in public schools will have mental health problems.

Given a first paragraph like that, who needs to read the rest of the article? This is the same kind of alarm raised by groups like NAMI over funding matters. In other words, read this balderdash, and spend, spend, spend. You may not see it, but they’ve got a tin can out, and they’re asking for dough.

Youth is becoming a “mental health issue” more and more these days, and I don’t care how much money you throw at it, it still takes time to “cure” it.

I wouldn’t worry though, when ‘mental health problems’ pass the 50 % mark, it’s time to drug the students without problems. What I’m trying to say here is that when “mental health problems” pass the 50 % mark, normality is the new abnormality.

Mad, huh? You betcha!