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ADHD 3, Nature 0

You’d think that a parent into green parenting would know better than to buy the ADHD myth. You’d think that anyway.

Here’s an article in the mother nature network that buys the bullshit, Study finds genetic links between ADHD and other neurological disorders, and, no, not because it makes good fertilizer.

A new study, published in Science Translational Medicine, has found that many different rare genetic variants are responsible for the condition. On top of that, some genes associated with ADHD have also been linked to other neurological disorders. Up to 75 percent of people with autism and autism spectrum disorders also have ADHD, but it was unclear whether or not these two conditions were genetically linked.

Disease designations like ADHD are arrived at by committee selection, and not by solid evidence. We actually have no ADHD to speak of; instead we have behavioral traits, dubbed “symptoms”, also selected by committee. I don’t want to go into the absurdity of seeking genetic matches for these committee decisions.

The new study looked at the DNA from parents of 173 of the children and found genetic variations — such as missing or copied genes — in the children who had ADHD and other neurological conditions.

This sounds very much like the theory linking junk DNA to “mental illness” labels. I would think that environmental factors, and this is where our green mom isn’t thinking, would have a lot more to do with the matter.

Although the article didn’t go into the very un-green subject of pharmaceutical products, I figure if our would-be green mom has to psychiatrize her kids, she’s probably doping ‘em up, too.

Nice try, mom. I wouldn’t believe anything you said at this point. If this article were on a ball game, nature must be depicted as the loser.