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Seeking A Real Means To Repair An Artificial Crisis

My sympathies are very much in solidarity with those Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York City. We just had what was termed an economic meltdown. This crisis was designed by people with loads of cash to impact negatively on people of more meagre means, and that is the objective that it has managed to achieve.

The article 5 Facts You Should Know About the Wealthiest One Percent of Americans on the AlterNet website illustrates dramatically what is wrong here. Let’s look at the problem.

1. The Top 1 Percent of Americans Owns 40 Percent of the Nation’s Wealth

Examine the pie chart shown in this article, and you will see that approxiately 10% of the US population owns 80% of its wealth while the remaining 90 % of that population owns only 20% of the wealth. That’s some disparity, huh?

2. The Top 1 Percent of Americans Take Home 24 Percent of National Income

I know it’s a truism to say that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. I would actually prefer to find some other truism applicable in this situation. This top 1 percent, with almost 25 % of the take home pay, was taking home 9 % of the National Income in 1976. Now do the math.

3. The Top 1 Percent Of Americans Own Half of the Country’s Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

I’m not going to dwell on this subject very long. The expertise of speculators on Wall Street is in which gamble is likely to pay off the most. The greater the likelihood, the less the gamble. Much of this wealth is in written agreements whereas the rest of us suckers are stuck with the diminishing value of the dollar.

4. The Top 1 Percent Of Americans Have Only 5 Percent of the Nation’s Personal Debt

Some of the poorest people in the country are expected to shoulder the largest share of the national debt. This national debt was created by rich people. Now tell me, does that make any sense whatsoever!?

5. The Top 1 Percent are Taking In More of the Nation’s Income Than at Any Other Time Since the 1920s

By way of contrast, if you look at the chart provided in the article, since the 1960s 99 % of the population is taking home a diminishing % of the nation’s income.

How does this information concern the state of mental health care in this country? Well, let me tell you. Social programs are being targeted for massive budget cuts because corporations with mega-bucks pull the strings of politicians. We need to take on those corporations by clipping the puppet strings of those politicians most in their pay. It’s time to put an end to this highway robbery of the vast majority of the population, and most especially our poorest and most needy citizens. It’s time to stop letting the ultra-rich have what amounts to a free ride at everybody else’s expense.

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  1. George Carlin also complained about the rich. “Its a big club you aint in it”.

    “It’s time to stop letting the ultra-rich have ”
    How we going to do it?

    • 1 % of population has way too much wealth and way too much clout. I’m talking CEOs of corporations. Corporations that have been granted personhood by bought politicians. This is a very exclusive club. It’s not a BIG club it’s a small club. 99 % of the population doesn’t belong to it. There’s a growing movement across this country of people who share the same outrage and indignation as those protesters in New York City. Locally there was an informational meeting just the other day, and a protest has been planned for next week. I’d suggest you look into what’s going on in your neck of the woods.

      Occupy Wall Street movement makes it to Gainesville

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