Boycott Normal Campaign Launched

Enough with the bad news, now for some good news!

On Monday, October the 10th, 2011, International Psychiatric Oppression Day, alternatively known as World Mental Illness Awareness Day and World Mental Health Day, the human rights organization MindFreedom International launched a Boycott Normal Campaign by staging a street theater protest outside of the Eugene Oregon Chamber of Commerce.

This campaign presents a great opportunity for psychiatric survivors, mental health consumers, ex-patients, and other mad entities to show that there is something more to their movement than social withdrawal and a lack of motivation.

At the demonstration the chant that went out was ‘Boycott Normal Occupy Normal!’ linking it to all the demonstrations against the corporate power elite taking place all around the world right now. The question being put to the Chamber of Commerce by this theatrical presence was, “What could be crazier than normal?” Men in business suits are destroying the natural environment and wrecking the economic welfare of citizens in the name of normal, and that isn’t crazy?

The story of this launch, which includes a 16 plus minute YouTube video, is front page on the MindFreedom International website.

Let’s hope that psychiatric survivors, mental health consumers, and ex-patients in other parts of world will take up this cause, and plan other events of the sort in their own locales. We need to show the world that this isn’t just some sort of anomaly relative to the rest of the world. Our normal is no less crazy than you’re normal! If truth be told, the Chamber of Commerce of Eugene Oregon is only a minor player in the ensuing disasters that the corrupt puppets of corporate interests are so intent upon pursuing.