Dramatic Child Drugging Increase Investigated In Great Britain

The United Kingdom’s Channel 4 News headline spells out the problem succinctly, Number of children on antipsychotic drugs doubles. Channel 4 News is doing an investigation on children prescribed neuroleptic drugs, and they found that over the course of 10 years the numbers of children prescribed these drugs has doubled.

As many as 15,000 children and young people under the age of 18 were prescribed this medication last year. But these figures are only from GP surgeries and primary care trusts and do not include hospital prescribing, which suggests the true number could be far higher.

Apparently the Brits are doing something more about psychiatric over-drugging in some quarters than rustle their newspapers.

The investigation comes as the government announced that GPs could face jail if they are found to be “chemically coshing” elderly patients with dementia. But no mention was made of children and young people in the announcements.

There is also little monitoring of this child drugging.

Of concern to a growing number of experts is the effect they have on developing brains. They said proper monitoring was essential. But Channel 4 News has obtained a confidential report into the way mental health trusts look after children and young people on anti-psychotic drugs. It found there was “no evidence” whatsoever that some young people are being properly monitored.

Awhile back I read about a British director who made a movie shown in the UK on the child drugging craze in the USA. Apparently there is a danger of importing this child abuse to the UK right under the noses of the inhabitants of that country. I have to applaud Channel 4 News for getting wind of the matter. Whatever little may come of this investigation, it has got to be better than complete complicity in crime—-legislated or otherwise.