Racism Disguised As Science

As if things weren’t absurd enough as is, immigration to the USA from Mexico puts one at risk for conduct disorder according to an article in MedPage Today. The article in question bears the headline, Move from Mexico to U.S. Tied to Conduct Disorder.

I’d call this sort of discriminatory psychiatric labeling racial profiling, but the researchers don‘t seem to give it a second thought.

The good news is, well, Mexicans tend to be non-aggressive types rather than aggressive types according to this study.

The relationship between immigration status and conduct disorder was stronger for nonaggressive symptoms — such as running away from home and frequent lying — than for aggressive symptoms — such as fighting and cruelty to animals, the researchers reported in the December issue of Archives of General Psychiatry.

These researchers have gotten the idea that it’s mostly genetic with a little bit of environmental influence thrown in there for good measure.

No wonder Mexicans are being stopped at the border!

Rates of conduct disorder symptoms overall ranged from 0.1% for forced sex to 12.8% for truancy. Three or more symptoms occurred in 11.5% of the participants; 2% met criteria for conduct disorder.

“Not alarmingly defective genes, huh? All the same, a cause for concern”, says the inner cop I consulted.

The rate of conduct disorder increased significantly as the connection to the U.S. strengthened — 0.9% for nonmigrant families, 1.6% for Mexicans in migrant families, 6.9% for offspring raised in the U.S. by Mexican-born parents, and 11.5% for offspring raised in the U.S. by U.S.-born parents of Mexican descent (P<0.001).

Apparently Mexican Americans are much more at risk than mere Mexicans. How convenient for the border patrols trying to prevent a tidal wave of illegals from turning the USA into outer Juarez.

Shrink researchers are really on the ball in this matter. They are busy looking for the conduct disorder gene that turns so many migrants into banditos as well as for the environmental factors that makes the USA toxic to certain Mexicans.

Ummm, next question. When are these shrink researchers going to look into the genes of Arabs? They’re out to bomb us to kingdom come, right, so there must be a lot going on there, too, don’t you think?