All the young Scots nutters

The headline in The Scotsman screams, 47% of youth hide mental ill health. Next question, 47 % of what percent? The figure is given as 47 % of 10 % of Scottish youth. Alright. If 10 % of the youth in Scotland are wacko, I suggest that perhaps medicalization, and in particular the medicalization of childhood, and the growing up process, has gotten a little out of hand in that country.

This is part of another “end of stigma” campaign, and so the implicit message behind such campaigning is that young people should not be ashamed to seek counseling.

Meanwhile, just 17% believe young people with mental ill health will recover.

So encourage a kid to seek counseling, receive a diagnostic tag, and a drug prescription, and you’ve probably doomed the kid, or so most psychologically disturbed young people believe, for life. The figure via subtraction is 83 % of these disturbed young people, and treatment experts from first hand experience, believe the absolute worst about this devastating news. These are not good odds, folks.

This line of questioning leads to another question. If the situation is so dire, why have another “end of stigma” campaign? Maybe the kid’s better off untreated.

A fresh campaign has been launched by the organization [See Me] to try to encourage young people to think about their attitude and behaviour towards people of their age with such health issues.

Your mum, your pop, your school, your nation, your spam detector, etc., didn’t think to scare off such treatment salesmen and women? How incredibly (and I mean incredibly) sad!

Either I’m misreading something here, or somebody is over-reacting. Complete recovery can and does occur, believe me! It’s called reaching adulthood.