What is a contradiction in terms? Perhaps it is today’s headline….

The mad gene hunt gets odder and odder. The headlines are more and more becoming fit fodder for late night television comedy. The Times of India had this to say.

Childhood adversity ups genetic disorder risk

You can imagine the faces of their collective readership registering shock and dismay. “Are children really having that much unprotected sex!?”

1. Childhood adversity is an environmental factor
2. Genetic make up is a biological factor

Either/or, according to researchers, is trying awfully hard to be a both/and. Good luck with that!

This brings us back to an even more prehistoric question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? How can childhood adversity equal genetic disorder? Uh, actually, it can’t.

If you have a genetic propensity that gets unleashed by environmental factors, you’re a gulled victim of the mad gene con. Not to fret, there is a solution to this matter. Kiss your happy childhood back, and forget about it.

Do not call us. Do not try to sue. You have no rights. You cannot win. There is nothing you can do about anything. This is science, baby! You’ve fallen into the bad childhood bad genes black hole.