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Ryan Talks to John Breeding About Dealing With Psychiatric Labels

Ryan, a psychiatric surviver from Australian, came to the USA this October past to attend the International Society for Ethical Psychiatry & Psychology (ISEPP) conference in Los Angeles. He had spoken to yours truly before he came to the states about the possibility of paying me a visit. Unfortunately this crossing of paths failed to materialize. It’s another one of those great almosts that we hope to remedy in the future if we get the chance to do so. We were able to Skype for almost 6 hours at one point about the forced drugging of Australian youth. He had a lot of alarming things to say about what is going on in the land down under. He was, while in the USA, able to play a role in the making of 5 videotapes that I know about. He told me I might embed one of his videotapes into my blog, and I am doing so.

Regarding this videotape, I have only one minor criticism to make of it, and this concerns his frequent use of the word “stigma”. I think there are better and more apt, as well as less generally co-opted, expressions that we might use to say essientially the same thing. If you were to replace “stigma” with the word prejudice everytime it comes up in the video, for instance, then I have no problem at all with what is being said. I think he’s talking about the devastating consequences of an actual prejudice that people who have had their lives disrupted by the mental health system must contend with and endure.