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Top 25 Unwritten Mental Health Book Titles

1. Kicking the Bipolar Habit

2. Mental health recovery without drugs

3. Making a molehill out of a molehill

4. How to prevent a mental ill health epidemic

5. After schizophrenia after bipolar disorder after depression

6. Erasing the stigma against mental wellness

7. Mental health for dummies

8. I lost a mental illness, and you can, too.

9. Psychiatry exposed psychiatry debunked

10. Resilience as a lost art

11. Mental health system survival guide

12. Life beyond the mental health clinic

13. The mental illness joke book

14. Taking the illness out of mental

15. I’m Okay. You’re mental.

16. How to make an income

17. Kicking the disability benefit habit

18. Finding yourself in the manual of imaginary illnesses

19. The how to guide of mental health recovery

20. Freedom of thought from the mental health field

21. Mental hospitals inside and out

22. Deconstructing mental disorder diagnoses

23. People without labels

24. Beating the odds, eluding statistical analysis

25. Taking the exit from doom

& for good measure

26. Making friends and keeping them: the social skills handbook

7 Responses

  1. Very good Frank. I hope it goes well in Philadelphia on the weekend. I hope someone takes some photos or video so I can see what it was like. I wish I could be there.

    • I’ve posted pictures, Ryan. If you need captioning, well, I’m working on it.There were 3 documentary film crews that I could count covering this event. Groups and individuals also shot videos, some of which has been posted. I know you aren’t active on facebook, but if you were, much has been posted to facebook. We got covered by the local press. I can’t say it went poorly. I hope we managed to do some good. I’ve heard so many people talk about how something needs to be done. I hope maybe somebody took notice.

  2. OC/DC – Highway to Hell; the early years.

    • Alright, Highway to Hell and Stairway to Heaven work. Are we to expect “better” of the later years?

  3. One would hope so.

  4. Research indicates that half of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14, well before adulthood. Three new studies investigate the cognitive, genetic and environmental factors that may contribute to mental health disorders in adolescence. The studies are published in Psychological Science and Clinical Psychological Science, journals of the Association for Psychological Science. :

    My very own blog

    • All the more reason not to label and drug children! Childhood today has become a certifiable “mental illness”. Children labeled “mentally ill” grow into adults labeled “mentally ill”. If you want to see the real factors involved in “mental health disorders” in adolescence look at the drugs that children and adolescents are being treated with. There is a real tendency to confuse drug effects with “disease symptoms”. Research, if it were undertaken, would indicate that a great many of those researchers were biased. Unfortunately, that’s not the kind of research that’s being conducted. Bottom line, factor in psychiatric drug effects and damage, and a lot of those other factors that you mention are going to be factored out.

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