Pigeon Feeding ‘Mental Illness’ In Liverpool

The Liverpool City Council issued a report in which pigeon feeding was attributed to “mental illness” according to an article in Today Online, ‘People who feed pigeons are mentally ill’. I think the public outcry over the statement has probably convinced the Liverpool City Council that the statement was a mistake by now.

In a report from Liverpool City Council, the statement said: “Pigeon Feeding – Often undertaken by individuals with mental health needs.”

As a freshly discovered symptom of “mental illness”, I think pigeon feeding has got to be news.

I’ve heard it said that people who lack adequate housing are “mentally ill”, but pigeon feeders? You better watch what you do with that bird seed, and those bread crumbs there, fellow. They can get you into a whole lot of trouble.

The council based the report on a survey taken several years ago, but was unable to provide a copy to back up the claim.

Wouldn’t you know it? There in the park it seems we have here another victim of chronic pigeon feeding disorder. No wonder “mental illness” is said to afflict 1 out of every 5 people in the nation.

A Liverpool council spokesperson said: “The reference in the report relates to a survey carried out by the council about five years ago when it was considering whether to prosecute persistent pigeon feeders.

Ahha! Incorrigible pigeon feeders, no, you’re not innocuous in the slightest, and not only are you bad, but you’re mad as well.

I am Okay. You, on the other hand, are pigeon feeding shrink bait.

This is called the pigeon feeders are “sick”, we did a survey, system of urban planning and renewal.

If any of you other bird brains out there would like to design a stupid survey, maybe we can increase our reported wacko population even further. Increasing that population seems to be on the agenda in all sorts of places these days.

Not to fear, I read pigeon feeding is against the law in San Francisco. Maybe they can pass a law against it in Liverpool, too. Of course, that would make all pigeon feeders criminals.

5 Responses

  1. The genius Nikola Testla fed pigeon when he was elderly, and you know there is a fine line between madness and genius.

  2. Once upon a time in the heart of London, thousands of pigeons lived in Trafalgar Square. From around the world came millions of visitors to be photographed being mobbed by these friendly birds for the small tubs of seed sold by the vendors there. I remember as a child holding up my tub and being assailed by dozens of pigeons landing on my hands, arms and shoulders; even my head. I laughed with joy as they jostled for position, all flapping wings, soft feathers and indignant cooing. They invariably knocked a good portion of the food to the ground where more birds thronged around me to make sure all was consumed. All then eyed me hopefully, ensuring that I would return quickly with more. It was the highlight of any trip to London.

    Who knew that we happy tourists were showing such clear signs of mental illness.

    • A mayor objected, and the birds got the shaft. There isn’t enough room in London for 34,000 pigeons when you’ve got millions of people living there? Admiral Nelson’s column required repairs because of the pigeon shit. Well, pigeons should have rights. This is an urban environment animal survival and rights issue. Tourists get annoyed, too. We won’t have our pigeons harassing the tourist trade. I’d say this is only the tip of a much bigger environmental iceburg.

      The skies above the USA were once darkened by the flights of numerous Passenger Pigeons. The Passenger Pigeon was treated like vermin, too. Now there are no more Passenger Pigeons. The Passenger Pigeon has gone the way of the Dodo bird, another pigeon by the way.

  3. I know. Ken Livingstone. The pigeons were semi-domesticated and relied on the daily feed, of which they got plenty. They were fat and happy and bred several times a year. The feeding stopped and the pigeons left.

    Trafalgar Square is now used as a film set and for festivals and art installations. It is used for demonstrations too, but then it always was; the pigeons used to join in.

    For all its renaissance, the square always looks sadly empty to me as do the skies above it; as if the heart of it has flown away.


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