Turning the tide

I continue to be amazed at the numbers of people who have had their freedom taken away from them in the name of medicine, and who are not up in arms over this little excursion by medicine into tyranny. I am equally amazed at the numbers of people who have been erroneously taught that harmful treatments are beneficial.

Medicine could not brutalize people so without the intercession of law. There is this loophole in the freedoms and rights we as citizens have been granted called mental health law. Our politicians have defined, and legislated against, what are termed “illnesses” of the mind. Medicine has a partner in its totalitarian posturing.

Should medicine and government be taking away the freedom of people who have violated no laws? This is a question that is all too often left unasked. The excuse used is that a person who is outside of his or her senses may commit an act of violence. If they do so, that’s why we’ve got laws. We haven’t even determined the probability of this improbable violent event happening.

Obviously, nobody is going to “cure” “disease” by enacting legislation. “Disease” doesn’t tend to respond to legislation. When that “disease” is not a real “disease” at all, but is a matter of conduct, the impetus behind the legislation is not to “cure” the “patient”, the impetus behind the legislation, as in the criminal justice system, is to get the “patient” off the street.

Legislators and doctors should have better things to do with their time and energy than torturing people under the guise of treating them. A person who has been subjected to this torture will do whatever he or she can in such a situation to avoid torture. Calling torture therapy is merely a way of obscuring the facts. If we call the torture victim “sick” then that sleight of tongue excuses it? I don’t think so…

Treating people for conjectured and theoretical “disease” against their will and wishes should be outlawed. This is especially true when the primary form of treatment used is damaging in itself. I’m referring to those drugs the mainstream media seldom ceases to call by the misnomer “medication”. These drugs are debilitating, and the mainstream press should be a little more precise in its use of language.

More and more people have reason to express their chagrin and outrage at this situation as time goes on. More and more people are being seriously injured before, after, and during hospital imprisonment. I hope the realization is slowly beginning to dawn upon them that they don’t need imprisonment, torture, and ill health. I hope the realization is slowly beginning to dawn on us that we must repair the damage done to people, democracy, and the truth by this abuse.

In numbers there is power, but you start with a small number to get to a larger number. Harming people is not right. Harming people is not good, even when it is done on a large scale. Harming people is not therapeutic. Harming people in the name of helping them against their will and wishes is not the way to treat anybody. If somebody lies to you, that doesn’t mean you have to lie to yourself. The time has come to fight back and win.