Turning the tide

I continue to be amazed at the numbers of people who have had their freedom taken away from them in the name of medicine, and who are not up in arms over this little excursion by medicine into tyranny. I am equally amazed at the numbers of people who have been erroneously taught that harmful treatments are beneficial.

Medicine could not brutalize people so without the intercession of law. There is this loophole in the freedoms and rights we as citizens have been granted called mental health law. Our politicians have defined, and legislated against, what are termed “illnesses” of the mind. Medicine has a partner in its totalitarian posturing.

Should medicine and government be taking away the freedom of people who have violated no laws? This is a question that is all too often left unasked. The excuse used is that a person who is outside of his or her senses may commit an act of violence. If they do so, that’s why we’ve got laws. We haven’t even determined the probability of this improbable violent event happening.

Obviously, nobody is going to “cure” “disease” by enacting legislation. “Disease” doesn’t tend to respond to legislation. When that “disease” is not a real “disease” at all, but is a matter of conduct, the impetus behind the legislation is not to “cure” the “patient”, the impetus behind the legislation, as in the criminal justice system, is to get the “patient” off the street.

Legislators and doctors should have better things to do with their time and energy than torturing people under the guise of treating them. A person who has been subjected to this torture will do whatever he or she can in such a situation to avoid torture. Calling torture therapy is merely a way of obscuring the facts. If we call the torture victim “sick” then that sleight of tongue excuses it? I don’t think so…

Treating people for conjectured and theoretical “disease” against their will and wishes should be outlawed. This is especially true when the primary form of treatment used is damaging in itself. I’m referring to those drugs the mainstream media seldom ceases to call by the misnomer “medication”. These drugs are debilitating, and the mainstream press should be a little more precise in its use of language.

More and more people have reason to express their chagrin and outrage at this situation as time goes on. More and more people are being seriously injured before, after, and during hospital imprisonment. I hope the realization is slowly beginning to dawn upon them that they don’t need imprisonment, torture, and ill health. I hope the realization is slowly beginning to dawn on us that we must repair the damage done to people, democracy, and the truth by this abuse.

In numbers there is power, but you start with a small number to get to a larger number. Harming people is not right. Harming people is not good, even when it is done on a large scale. Harming people is not therapeutic. Harming people in the name of helping them against their will and wishes is not the way to treat anybody. If somebody lies to you, that doesn’t mean you have to lie to yourself. The time has come to fight back and win.

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  1. The religion of psychiatry is called a science, everyone calls it a science, so it IS a science. Everyone believes in science, don’t you?
    No one elected these guys. I don’t see how they can or will lose their power.
    Only if the economic system collapses ( money is no longer money) will they lose power.
    Greece has no money, yet no one is going to call in their loans, no one wants the Ponzi scheme/pyramid scheme of imaginary money to end.

    • Except perhaps some citizens who are aware of how totally lop sided the highway robbery system is that we’ve got in place now. Ultimately some nations are probably going to have to forgo their debt, and nationalise banks. Industry, too, maybe. You just can’t keep running this charity for the rich forever.

      You might be interested in the following piece on the Mad In America website, How Talk Therapy Sold Out. The line pursued by biological psychiatry, with such success, has had an enormous effect on the psychology and social work professions, too. These professions, in a sense, are towing the medical model line for a piece of the insurance money pay off.

  2. Good post.

  3. Totalitarianism is where it is all headed. The rights of the individual are being sacrificed to the state. Democracy is an illusion. Freedom is a concept.

    Change may come swiftly rather than gradually.. When it comes.

    • Well, money has way too much influence. It’s a shame to think of a community that takes it’s cue from a minority of people who live at a remove from it, securely behind locked gates.

      Freedom is a reality as far as I’m concerned. I can be imprisoned. I can even be killed, but my freedom to make choices can’t be taken away from me. Perhaps independence is a better way to put it. If I were made a slave in body, they’d still never have my mind, my soul.

      As for totalitarianism, slavery hasn’t been abolished everywhere, and so maybe you’re right.

  4. It does, it is, and they do. No gates are secure, although. We are just trained to think that they are.

    With chemical treatment and genetic interference, yes, your freedom to make choices can be taken from you. They would have your mind, and your soul would probably not know any better. That is the dark side that concerns me about what they are working on.

    There is still time to stop it, but i don’t think there is much.

    • There’s a light side to the situation as well, and it’s this light side that keeps people out of the loony bin. Just consider the number of worry warts you might find in the loony bin, and I rest my case.

  5. Yes there is. And long may it fight the darkness in true superhero fashion. It is in danger of being engulfed by the seemingly never-ending means of bringing it to its knees. A battle royal for each generation; all who need to recognise that no right can be taken for granted.

    That’s why the “worry warts” must be drugged, of course. Those who see most clearly must be blinded.

    • I trust you are being ironic. Fighting the forces of darkness has given us a, and I daresay not the first, super villian emulator. I think the big worry now concerns the political clampdown that ensues when the authoritarian elite starts seeing ‘illness’ everywhere it is not. It’s hard enough when your enemy is described as “terrorism”, but if your enemy is described as “mental illness”, pin point one of those. Next you’ve got people spying on their neighbors to insure that they tow the unemotional stability line. You’ve got two completely ridiculous sides to this matter as they can use the concept of “stigma” to enact draconian laws. There is this “stigma” against receiving “mental health treatment”, therefore we need to force such treatment on more and more people, in the name of ‘law and order’, of course. Freedom always entails a risk, and there are people in this country who would sacrifise that freedom in the name of “safety”. There are also people in this country who would die before having their precious freedoms taken away from them. I’d like to see more of those people speaking out.

  6. It’s 1984. Orwell was just a bit out on the year.

    Here too, but they are the older generation. The young have grown up with camera surveillance and are generally more interested in their facebook profiles than in the sinister information gathering that exists beneath the surface; they just accept it in the main. Those who risk all for freedom will live in risk in the end; constantly moving to stay off the grid and avoid being located.

    It is starting to have a grim eventuality about it, don’t you think? It’s a numbers game, although. Turn the numbers and you have an army for change.

    Resisting the efforts of the authoritarian elite in its drive to criminalise and medicalise dissent is crucial.

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