Mad People Are Everywhere

An associated press headline today read, Colorado shooting suspect was brilliant science student. Don’t you know the authorities are going to start looking for signs of “mental illness” in this (sic) brilliant science student. They can’t attribute his acts of violence to “mental illness”, or blame “the mentally ill”, if they don’t do so. Any defense team in the country is going to be scrambling for the most handy excuse available for what is absolutely inexcusable.

Another irony is that the major this (sic) brilliant science student was reportedly dropping out of in college was neuroscience. Apparently, at some point or other, the mad student had his sights set on becoming a mad doctor.

As the organization MindFreedom International posted on its front page recently in a story about Mad Pride Celebrations throughout the world, Mad Pride 2012 in 5 + Nations “We Are the 100 %”. 99 % of the world’s population may make under a certain economic figure every year, but 100 % of the population are nuts.

The legal definition of insanity has typically been given as ‘a danger to oneself or others’. Ironically there are few people more dangerous to themselves or others on earth than politicians, and allegations of mental infirmity can destroy a political career. These ladies and gentlemen, in other words, fill the bill, but they’re not crazy as long they haven’t come under “the care”–another one of those funny words with the exact opposite of its dictionary meaning–of a psychiatrist.

Every soldier in a wartime situation is insane under the legal definition of insanity. The thing is, the legal definition of insanity is a ruse, they don’t lock mad folk up because they’re dangerous, they lock them up because they’re different. We don’t, as a rule, have another path for the person who doesn’t fit the mold to take. Some of the unwanted ones are thought of as “defective”, and given to the loony bin.

Few shining examples of upstanding humanity ever graduated cum laude summa from the loony bin. Perhaps you’ve heard the mantra, “I think I can’t, I think I can’t, I think I can’t”. The loony bin is not the railroad track to success, it’s the other railroad track, and so a lot of its boarders resign themselves to the trappings of defeat. When you’re mode of operation is the logic of the casino, that happens. The world is divided into two irreconcilable camps, the lucky and the screwed.

The lord of random chance is not the lord of an inhabitable environment. You need a lot of people who are a danger to themselves or others if the lord of random chance is to have his way. Actually random chance is never so random as it may seem because the house has to win. This is a win scored for the politicians who run the national casino. Expanding on a theme, the owners of the house include politicians, their bankers, and the corporations that have bought them.

If you’re going to support a small number of big rollers, you need a large number of losers. These losers are the poor suckers who vote for, and who work for, the big rollers. They are, in a word, insignificant in the big rollers view, and very dispensable. In the world of big rollers, big rollers are the only things that count. I think there needs to be some kind of reappraisal so that monetary gain, and corruption, are not the highest value around. The community of people at large should not be dissolving, the way it is today, into shantytown wastrels and the service industry for a tiny colony of rich people.

Why, you ask, should we turn things around in such a dramatic fashion? Alright. Let me start with the example of a movie theatre in Colorado where 12 people died and 58 people were wounded. I kind think of this kind of thing is the result of bad city planning. Massacres of this sort are becoming more and more common. I think these massacres are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to humanity’s mistreatment of humanity. When you build places that are good for people, people are good to people. When they are good to people, they don’t shoot them. All the people, not just the upper crust.