Honesty As A Revolutionary Act

Weaning oneself off psychiatric drugs, leaving the mental health system behind, and saying, ” I haven’t got a “mental illness” are revolutionary acts of resistance for people who have been labeled and violated by psychiatry. No question about it! There is an ethos and perspective that challenges this departure. It claims, “You can’t do that”, despite the fact that you can, and you do.

Scan the newspaper stories about mental health in the dailies throughout the United States and beyond. You will see what I mean. So and so is in his or her fifties, on psych drugs, and has been in treatment, sometimes called recovery, for the last thirty years. So and so has got a disease he or she is going to die having. Baloney! This baloney is like all the other baloney that people believe in. Beliefs and facts are at a remove from each other.

This is a token consumer ventriloquist dummy spewing out the standard line perpetuated by bio-medical model psychiatry. “I will be a good mental patient and feed the psycho-pharmaceutical industrial complex. I will be a relative loss to society, a burden on the economy, and a slap in the face of existence. I…can’t help myself. I have this disease that prevents me from performing at the level of the average citizen.”

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can do anything you really want to do if you set your mind to it”? Revised theory has it that you can do anything you really set your heart on doing if you haven’t been labeled and gobbled up by the mental health system. If you’ve been swallowed by the mental health system, that’s it, life is different. There should be a sign above the door of every mental health facility, “Abandon hope all ye who enter herein.”

I was taken with William Burrough’s novel Naked Lunch when I first read it because he was hip to behavioral addictions long before the American Psychiatric Association ever invented them. Commercialism, consumerism, war, treatment, culture, etc., every trend, and especially every fad, you can imagine is an addiction. I must keep up with the Jones because I’m an addict. You think the Jones have a healthy lifestyle? Think again.

Biological psychiatry has this conventional folly line toward the limited capacity it sees the madman or mad woman as having with self-fulfilling prophesies galore. “You can’t achieve, and you must conform to the low bar we have set for you as far as your expectations are concerned. According to theory, you are incapable of doing anything more.”

The “mental health” of this nation is not getting better, it is getting worse. More and more people are being persuaded that there is something fundamentally wrong with them. More and more people are getting on disability rolls. More and more people are waking up from the American dream in the middle of the American nightmare. Bio-medical psychiatry, and its salespeople, are the primary reason why this is so.

We are experiencing a media cover up right now. What is being covered up is the truth about the harm psychiatric drugs do to people. They are actually killing people. This cover up, and the totally biased nature of bio-medical model psychiatric inquiry, allows this to happen. Biological psychiatry has been claiming that this injury is due to lifestyle, or disease, and not treatment. Misleading is misleading, but if you look, the evidence will set you straight.

People can and do leave the monster that the mental health system has become. They have been doing so more or less silently for years. This silence is part of the problem. Rather than contributing to the problem, they are contributing to the solution. Unfortunately, the problem is growing too fast to be contained. For this reason, a more revolutionary act is breaking the silence about psychiatry and psychiatric oppression.

When people speak up, the facade of legimacy biological psychiatry has been trying to maintain begins to crack. When people speak up, other people can begin to see they aren’t fated to a life of diminishment. When people tell the truth, the lies that paternalism fosters begin to dissolve. When people speak the truth, the antidote is beginning to be applied to the body politic. The epidemic of distress that our world is undergoing can begin to recede. When the cat is out of the bag, at long last, we can begin to realise that there is a world out there for everybody, and not just the robber baron elite, be they corporate ceos or mental health providers.

2 Responses

  1. I’m so angry I thought it best that I not make replies for a while. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to you by dismissing the sentiment of the golden rule. I say that there exist people who are so hell bent on enforcing their ideology that they should be regarded as suicide bombers. How then would we apply the golden rule?

    I’ve watched a bunch of lectures given by Sapolsky at Stanford on behaviour and evolution and genetics. He speaks at some length on the subject of schizophrenia, maybe as a way of elucidating points he wants to make on the subject of evolutionary biology and genetics.

    I like the guy. I have some knowledge of the factoids and I don’t feel insulted by his lectures. And there are a bunch of syndromes, such as described by Sachs, where some people can’t make sense.

    But this is very rare.

    And then to say that people who can’t defend themselves against slander are by default mentally ill is just ridiculous.

    • I see a world in danger of total annihilation, or at least extensive devastation, due to the I Me Me Mine Syndrome. The greenhouse effect is making the weather go haywire everywhere. People are starving here and there. The gaming involved in an unregulated economy has caused major economic upheaval across much of the world. We’re face a 6th mass extinction of creatures on this planet, and number 6 is entirely man made. Now I think a whole lot of this damage could be undone if people decided to be uphold the golden rule, and if they didn’t hog it up so much. Conceive a future, conceive an alternative future, now make a decision. Which one can we live with. The thing is, in a relative sense, the golden rule seems to be something we can’t live without if we want to survive.

      Biological genetic explanations of so called mental illness are usually funded by, and serve, the drug industry. The two go hand in hand. Fatalism is the other side of this perspective. They don’t have a good take on their clientele, and therefore, a birth defect explains everything while explaining nothing. This birth defect is a figment of their collective imagination. It’s easy to find birth defects everywhere when they’re imaginary. A clubfoot is much easier to identify than a club-brain. I figure ones chances of mistaking an intact brain for a club-brain are astronomical. There you go. Perhaps some of these dysfunctionaries aren’t so dysfunctional after all.

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