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Rumored Resistance to the Church of Mental Health

Contemporary theory has it that what has been termed “mental illness” is the result of biology. Semantically this sleight of logical reasoning just doesn’t work very well. At issue, metaphysics, the domain of philosophy, is being confused with physics, the domain of biology. You can have a wounded finger, but should you claim to have the wounded thought of a finger, then you’re in for some heavy duty therapeutic trouble.

This theory has created a new religion, mental health. Converts to this religion believe in “mental illness” the way fundamentalist Christians believe in Jesus Christ. People are said to “have a mental illness”. This “mental illness” is not thought to be something they can “lose”. This “mental illness” can be “treated” but it can’t be “cured”. This “mental illness” is “treated” by a lifetime drug taking regimen that is thought to manage “symptoms”. In other words, being biological, this thing they call “disease” is a fact of nature, or eternal, according to theory anyway.

People who don’t share this view are said to express a “stigma” towards people who do hold this view. “Stigma”, as you might have guessed, is the new heresy. You put on your mental patient gloves when dealing with the chosen afflicted, or you are a heretic. The holy trinity of Serious Mental Illness goes like this, “We believe in mental illness, we believe in its unchangeable nature, and we believe in special treatment for people who have been damned or blessed by it.”

Many people have been utterly devastated and destroyed by a fervent belief in “mental illness”. This belief would affect all aspects of their lives. In particular, this belief encourages them to take toxic substances in the mistaken belief that some kind of trade-off was taking place, and that they would be worse off if they didn’t destroy their physical health in this fashion. In reality they are dying off at a much high rate, and at a much earlier age, than the rest of the population. The good news is that there are so many more new converts to this religion every day of the week that its priests and priestesses are in absolutely no danger of losing their congregations.

The big secret is that there are a few people who have managed to escape from the monasteries and convents run by the church of mental health. These are people who have exorcised the demon “mental disorder” that was tormenting them. Usually this dispossession was achieved by reversing the treatment process. The debilitating drugs used to make loyal converts were curtailed, and the biology of real nature, not textbook nature, took over. This process helped them to rejoin the world of men and women outside of the church of mental health where they have gone on to form pockets of resistance to the rapidly expanding church and the church states it oversees.