Mad About The Middle Ages

I have suggested at one time or another that acting classes, a course in logic, or survivalist training might be good for a person’s mental health. A flyer about a demonstration I played a part in recently suggested protest was therapeutic. Here’s another idea…Maybe archeology could help return a person to his or her wits.

A medieval village in Herfordshire England is slowly resurfacing. The story appears in the BBC News Hereford & Westchester, under the headline, Remains of ‘medieval village’ found in Herefordshire.

Excavation work began a week ago on land in the Brockhampton Estate, near Bromyard and experts say it gives a glimpse of rural 13th Century life.

Seems there was once a village called Studmarsh in a place known as Grove.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

The project is being undertaken by volunteers, including people recovering from mental health problems.

Anybody up for doing a little digging after days of yore.

Some Heritage Lottery funded the Past in Mind dig after hearing how rural history had inspired volunteers from a mental health charity.

The project is run by the mental health charity, Herefordshire Mind.

Really? You mean hopefully ex-loony bird ne’er do wells are good for something besides holding a mop? Jumping Jehosaphat, Batman! What a revelation!

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  1. Archaeological digs aren’t exactly “digging”. It’s a painstaking, meticulous process of collecting, filtering and cataloging data. Not exactly for the slow of wit.

    • It’s work (i.e. function). By giving mad men and women a “function”, if voluntary, you could be said to be helping to heal them of their “dysfunction”.

      The voluntary nature of this business is a little questionable in this case. It would be my guess that somebody involved in this enterprise is being paid, and paid well.

      Given the crazy unemployment rates that we have in so many places, I’d say working for free can beat twiddling one’s thumbs. Bosses, after all, need references.

      Next question. Do bosses have anything to do with these numbingly high un and under-employment figures? Answer: Yes.

      When the government will pay your way anyway, all is not lost. A hobby (activity), no matter how much “work” is involved, such as amateur archaeology, can turn killing time back into a pleasure.

  2. It’s not a new thing here. Integrative healing is growing and prejudice is waning. Check out the Paralympic Games to give you an idea of how we go about things.

    Can you tell me what happened to your Harris post and my subsequent comments, please?

    • Sure. When it comes to “dysfunction” “function” can be very “healing”.

      What Harris post? It’s possible I removed it.

      • Absolutely.

        Harris wrote “Free Will” and we were questioning the validity of his claims.

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