Professional Zombie Psychiatry Not Invinceable…Yet

Straight off the bat I’m insulted. I’m not “mentally ill”. “Mental illness” is psychiatry-speak. Listen and you’re damned. Flip ’em the finger, and you’re saved.

Speaking in more general terms, if you were to draw a circle, and title the circle “psychiatry”, you want to stand outside of that circle in the broader world where things are still possible.

What you don’t want to be is a victim of psychiatric predation. ‘Here’s a label, hang it around your neck for the duration of your days, and let’s play “psychiatry says”.’ You want to say “no” to that kind of psycho-tyrannical ego annihilation.

Don’t confess. Admit nothing. They want to hang you on your past. You don’t want to get caught in that kind of terminally lost and perpetually frozen time frame. Be forewarned, and dress accordingly. The coldest people on earth work in the mental health system.

Psychiatry says, “take a pill.” Psychiatry says, “fit into the square hole.” Psychiatry says, “once a loony always a loony.” Psychiatry says, “my voice is the only voice.” Psychiatry says, “I’m the authority.” Psychiatry says, “you’re not the authority.” Psychiatry says, “worship at the shrine of the prescription pad.”

Psychiatry is boorrinngg! Be wary though, psychiatry wants to bore you into a somnolent compliance. Psychiatry wants to hypnotize you into zombie-dom. Psychiatry is the new voodoo.

Grab an assault rifle. Park yourself by a window, and prepare for the new long night of the living dead.

Wait a minute! Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s no need to get yourself locked up in a maximum security forensic unit. You can fight this war on the street where 75 % of the population have nothing to do with “mental health” or “mental health” zombies. The mental health zombie authorities have still got a long ways to go before the DSM-XKM allows all citizens to be labeled “sick” by virtue of their citizenship.

It may be coming, but it’s still on a slow boat. However much psychiatry wants business to pick up, that much is too much. Too much for the moment anyway.

You have to understand that biopsychosocial rehabilitation isn’t just a nonsense term. Biopsychosocial rehabilitation is the new name for purgatory on earth. Biopsychosocial rehabilitation is rehabilitation that is expressly not rehabilitation. Biopsychosocial rehabilitation is the limbo of non-starters.

The psychiatry grimoire can’t work its magic when it’s closed or kept at a distance. You don’t need to have a “mental illness” if you don’t want to have one. What people don’t have is the classified information that the mental health zombie authorities like to keep from them. Anybody who gets with a “mental illness” can lose that “mental illness” whenever convenient. The technology of our mental health zombie authorities isn’t such that it can keep tabs on its victims everywhere they go. The zombie authorities, just like their labels, are very losable.

This thoroughly beatable non-threatening situation may not always be the situation, but it is the situation today. Biopsychobabble is very vulnerable to rational argument. The forces of psychiatry madness can be warded off by calling on alternate shamanistic powers when necessary. Be forewarned. This may not always be the case. Big pharma’s puppet doctor zombie wants you!

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